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INDIAN SUPERSTITIONS | Stand-up comedy by Raunaq Rajani

Raunaq Rajani photo 1 INDIAN SUPERSTITIONS | Stand-up comedy... Raunaq Rajani photo 2 INDIAN SUPERSTITIONS | Stand-up comedy... Raunaq Rajani photo 3 INDIAN SUPERSTITIONS | Stand-up comedy... Raunaq Rajani photo 4 INDIAN SUPERSTITIONS | Stand-up comedy...

What stupid superstitions did you hear while growing up?

by Raunaq Rajani 2 years ago

Irony is when your name is Prasad
But still girl says no to you :sweat_smile::joy:

by Prasad Pahade 11 months ago

His voice is exactly same as Kenny Sebastian

by sakthi sd 8 months ago

Gave Kenny Sebastian vibe...

by Asit Anand 2 years ago

A girl went "chheee" xD

by Killlxv 1 year ago

Some of you are laughing
Rest of you are lefty :joy::joy::joy::metal::metal::pray::pray:

by Meet Satra 1 year ago

Was watching the video till @ and then came to the comment section from @ . Anyone else ?

by Anisha Joseph 1 year ago

"ye le cellotape mere haath se" joke was GENIUS

by Aisha Shaikh 2 years ago

1.Less Comments of appreciation!
2.More comments on the hotness of the girl at
Well done everybody!:heart:

by Abha Singh 5 months ago

Kuch log par hot legs vali ladki k chakkar mein bar bar video dekhay ja rahe hai

by Prem Suthar 2 years ago

This is so much better than mainstream comedians like Sorabh Pant
Extremely funny, entertaining set.... Loved it!

by Rahul Chembakasseril 2 years ago

Too good,
I hope you get much more views than you get now.
You really deserve it

by AngerB 2 years ago

The last one was really awsm" Some didn't laugh cause they are left handed".too good :rofl::rofl::rofl:

by Mehbob Pasha 1 year ago

Came here coz Kunal kamra shared on his wall,, nailed it man !!

by srishty patidar 2 years ago

An uncanny resemblance to Kenny Seb !
Amazing Tho, Hoping To See You More :D

by Mehul Chouhan 2 years ago

Has anyone else paused-n-repeated from ?

by Alok Ranjan 2 years ago

New comedian on youtube :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:, very nice set

by keshav bansal 2 years ago

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