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4 TikTok Cooking Hacks You NEED To Try

#TikTok Hacks #tik tok 2020 #tik tok #Hot Cheetos #Entertainment
Will YouTubers love or hate these 4 viral TikTok food hacks? Watch to find out!
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#React #TikTok #CookingHacks
4 TikTok Cooking Hacks You NEED To Try

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REACT photo 1 4 TikTok Cooking Hacks You... REACT photo 2 4 TikTok Cooking Hacks You... REACT photo 3 4 TikTok Cooking Hacks You... REACT photo 4 4 TikTok Cooking Hacks You...

Timothy's puns were really bad but i still laughed at them like an idiot:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

by Hrutik Kambli 23 hours ago

William is the only good part of this, and you took out his best parts. Shame.

by Caleb Davis 22 hours ago

"TikTok life hacks" first hack existing ever since water bottles existed

by BlankNametag Studios 14 hours ago

No one: ... eating Cheetos
Timothy: „flaming hot on the exit as well” :joy::joy:

by Isra Mansoor 19 hours ago

The guy who did all the jokes: he has a chandler bing complex, i wanna be friends with him :joy::joy:

by iamlollyrockz 23 hours ago

no one:
not a single soul:
literally no one:
timothy: makes a dad joke every 3 minutes

by Ava Deuel 17 hours ago

So we not gonna talk about the Cheetos pickle girls missing eyebrow

by ACDC Daily 20 hours ago

Them: "Because you know what time it is"
Me: "its time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality"

by Trinity Wheeler 21 hours ago

I only liked because of Timothy’s terrible puns:joy::joy:

by EaZy_LauGhZ 18 hours ago

How many people love react

by Sun Set 23 hours ago

‘are you going to manually melt the butter with kinetic energy?’

i’m dead.

by charlotte cannon 23 hours ago

Steph’s dad is probably the most sweetest human being out there 🥺

by Isha khan 22 hours ago

I love the guy that always makes jokes but no one laughes at them

by Ameerah O. 23 hours ago

dips both sides of the bread in raw egg
“Yeah the bread is kinda soggy idk”

by Katie 23 hours ago

20%-Normal Comments


by Dion Hub 14 hours ago

Timothy delaghetto's dad jokes are A1.

by Hal Allen 19 hours ago

"WerE yOu GoNna ManUAllY MelT ThE ButTeR WiTh KInEtic EneRGY"

by rasika chockalingam 11 hours ago

the egg yolk is NOT a tiktok hack.... it's been a thing for years now

by R 18 hours ago

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