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Canadian Prime Minister says the U.S. border should remain demilitarized

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Canada feels that its long undefended border with the United States should remain demilitarized, even as cases of the coronavirus grow rapidly in both nations.
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Reuters photo 1 Canadian Prime Minister says the... Reuters photo 2 Canadian Prime Minister says the... Reuters photo 3 Canadian Prime Minister says the... Reuters photo 4 Canadian Prime Minister says the...

Trudeau "we are going to build the wall and America will pay for it".

by The LIGHT worshipper 1 week ago

Nobody, Literally nobody at all in the entire world:

Justin Trudeau: "We are doing everything we can to keep from militarizing the US Canada Border."

by Draco B 1 week ago

He can do whatever he thinks best - in Canada.

by Stella Z 1 week ago

Why is this even something to talk about?

by some body 1 week ago

Who was talking about militarizing it?

by trick chins 1 week ago

Oh damn didn’t recognize him without the blackface.

by harry dixson 1 week ago

Canadian Air Force is made up of 4 drones with sharp sticks taped to them.

by John Slap-a-ho 1 week ago

Ask California Governor Newsom:
WHY Thousands of homeless people on the streets of Los Angeles
living,eating,defecating. Tested? Washing hands?

by SA SA 6 days ago

Yea, how would the potheads go back and forth.

by Crown royal 1 week ago

How's his wife? Didn't she get infested?

by Dustin Stein 1 week ago

He will not give a source for this rumor of course. LMAO.

by Cynthia Baker 1 week ago

How and who started this discussion.

by T M 1 week ago

You gotta take everything that Daddy's boy says with a grain of salt

by Mitch Spence 1 week ago

We need to protect our nation and the military needs to be at every border..

by Google User 10 1 week ago

I live on the border. The only traffic is Canadians in RVs.

So when you wonder why you keep getting new cases it's because Canadians keep bringing it home.

by Hamal Jay 1 week ago

It is really none of Canada's business what America does. Take your damn snowbirds back from Florida and Arizona.

by Elmer T Fuddrucker 1 week ago

"Dumping steel" and "illegalities coming in" were the 2 reasons The President mobilized the MI to Canadian border. It seems that China was opting the 'high' road since the Mexican Army has also mobilized efforts to protect their northern border with US, as well.

by Daniel Kahawaii 1 week ago

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