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Maduro hit with U.S. 'narco-terrorism' charges

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The U.S. government brings drug trafficking charges against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and several others, accusing them of trying "to flood the United States with cocaine," Attorney General William Barr tells reporters.
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Reuters photo 1 Maduro hit with U.S. 'narco-terrorism'... Reuters photo 2 Maduro hit with U.S. 'narco-terrorism'... Reuters photo 3 Maduro hit with U.S. 'narco-terrorism'... Reuters photo 4 Maduro hit with U.S. 'narco-terrorism'...

Nothing ever changes. Constant battle for global domination. Desperately trying to install a puppet leader once again.

by starvin marvin 1 week ago

Was he cutting into the CIA drug trafficking ring?

by typheran1 1 week ago

You forgot to add the CIA to your list of narco terrorists.

by TC Truestyle 1 week ago

LOL. He said all that with a straight face. LMAO.

by James DePass 1 week ago

Time to take advantage of all the distractions going on.

by THEY 1 week ago

Mission: take over Venezuela’s oil has just initiated.

by lbrowny100 1 week ago

Can’t wait to see this cover 10 years from now on Netflix !

by atostrophic 1 week ago

Wait, cocaine is coming from South America into the United States? How long has this been going on?

by Hey Now 1 week ago

Going through the comments and I must say that a little smile cracked my lips. I am proud to see so many people able to think for themselves.
Careful now don't act too wise, "sometimes you must pretend to be a fool, to fool the fool who thinks he is fooling you".

by Inggolok Pakaskas 1 week ago

It's funny that America didn't care about guns or narco trafficking in south America during the iran contra scandal.

by RagaSHOT 1 week ago

The illegal attempt to-over throw him didn’t work,so now make up charges so u can try to unseat him....anything to get that crude oil to Galveston for the Koch refinery...anything for oil

by chilledmonkeebrains 1 week ago

If Americans wouldn't have such a need for cocaine Venezuela, Mexico, Columbia, etc wouldn't send it!!! Simple supply and demand

by Ruben Smith 1 week ago

You uh... don't have something more PRESSING to worry about at this time?

by Professor Of Gaming 1 week ago

There is so much drug traffic going in the field across the street from where I live and the cops are in on it to .

by jim apple 1 week ago

Mitch McConnell doesn't like it when other people are using his smuggling Lanes

by Ryan B 1 week ago

They've been flooding cocaine into America since the 60s and 70s
Why is it so important now ?

by Max Headrum 1 week ago

Sounds like there’s black gold in them hills! Let’s kill them!

by Chris V 1 week ago

War on drugs. Still a scam in 2020. Nothing's changed.

by wizzy one 1 week ago

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