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Trump: 'We have to get back to work'

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President Donald Trump says his administration is preparing new coronavirus guidelines that will characterize U.S. counties as high-risk, medium-risk or low-risk, and that people have to get back to work.
The remarks come as the United States surpassed China and Italy as the country with the most coronavirus cases, according to a Reuters tally.
At least 1,178 people in the United States have died from COVID-19, which has proven especially dangerous to the elderly and people with underlying chronic health conditions, according to a running tally based on reports from state and local public health authorities..
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Translation "My rich friends telling me, they are loosing a lot of money. We can´t have that. I don´t care about your health."

Stay safe everyone!

by snookzification 1 week ago

When the manager asks if you're still coming in, but the building is on fire.

by Slam Jam 1 week ago


by turvie 1 week ago

Two things we cant currently cure: coronavirus and stupidity. A deadly combination.

by John Nugent 1 week ago

Headlines: "U.S. becomes has the worst outbreak than any other country in the world and has surpassed China"
Trump: "Get back to work!"

by Sim z 1 week ago

I'm not dying or having a permanent injury from the virus for minimum wage, Orange man. I'm staying my ass home.

by morpheus297 1 week ago

“All lot of progress has been made.” Yeah now the USA is the leading country in the world for most coronavirus cases...

by Bryan 1 week ago

Says the guy who never worked in his entire life.

by xeraph02 1 week ago

“Some of you may die, and it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.”

by nachowarrior1 1 week ago

The US has passed china and become #1 in total cases, and this idiot is talking about going back to work.

by Nihil Sustinet 1 week ago

My state is in lockdown & my county is in state of emergency, WHAT PROGRESS?

by Jason Mavis 1 week ago

I took a shot everytime he said “go back,” now I’m seeing TWO Trumps

by I_Need_Money 1 week ago

Clearly this man has never seen a subway ride on the way to work

by Ronald Hernandez 1 week ago

Everything these people do and say just seems like they want you dead.

by HλVIIK 1 week ago

"Our people have to go back to work. They're the ones who keep us rich."

by KIBanshee9 1 week ago

“All lot of progress has been made.” Yeah now the USA is the leading country in the world for most coronavirus cases...

by M Jf 1 week ago

I’m so glad that I got my CDL 13 years ago .If they stop the truckers the world will come to a end .

by Nature Boy 1 week ago

I think I'd rather not risk my life for 11.25 an hour thanks for the consideration oompa loompa

by Base Vegeta 1 week ago

He just wants to get back to playing golf.

by Rob Miller 1 week ago

Pence in the background with the most expressionless face gets me every time

by hippiecheezburger 1 week ago

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