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Using a green screen with Movavi video editor

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WHats going on everyone Rob here with a little video about how to use a green screen. I have had this green screen for some time now but havent played with it to often I used to use studio Pro but it was not for the novice. I have since purchased Movavi Video editor and it is a lot easier to use. In this video I do a tutorial on how to use a green screen with Chroma key in Movavi video editor. You do need a green screen but they are pretty easy to come by and the better lighting you have the easier it is to green screen. The more room you have the less shadows your going to get in your green screen. The part of MOvavi video editor you will be using is called Chroma Key.This is how you record video over the pictures or video behind you. Its pretty simple play around with it a while youll pick it up.
Thanks for watching, ROb here AKA Trev2323

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Rob Here Trev2323 photo 1 Using a green screen with... Rob Here Trev2323 photo 2 Using a green screen with... Rob Here Trev2323 photo 3 Using a green screen with... Rob Here Trev2323 photo 4 Using a green screen with...

For some odd reason, when I do this and try to add transitions afterwards, it won't let me. It's frustrating

by Mu-sec Mil89 1 week ago

greatin from poland my dude

by SheeN25 4 months ago

Thanks for your tutorial! Do you use a new version of Movavi? Movavi Video Editor 2020. Is it the same?

by Anna Weber 6 months ago

Great video, quick question, how do you add transition to your chroma key clip?

by Eduardo Talavera 4 months ago

Thank you so much for this tutorial .. just asking , i have the movavi edtor 14 with no watermark if i upgarded it to the latest version is the water mark will appear?

by M'em'M TV 1 month ago

Thank you !! Great video.

by Jotzar 1 week ago

Thank you so much that was helpful

by Pro Gaming 3 months ago

Where to download greenscreen videos to practice learning. ,?

by Abdel Latif 4 months ago

this green screen is real ?
need to but that , right ?

by Lee Yahav 2 weeks ago

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