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Roddy Ricch - Bacc Seat (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) [Official Lyric Video]

Roddy Ricch photo 1 Roddy Ricch - Bacc Seat... Roddy Ricch photo 2 Roddy Ricch - Bacc Seat... Roddy Ricch photo 3 Roddy Ricch - Bacc Seat... Roddy Ricch photo 4 Roddy Ricch - Bacc Seat...

I think Roddy Ricch’s favourite word is “forgi”

by Davis Checks 1 month ago

I vote Roddy Ricch for president. Who’s with me

by Natali Llanaj 1 month ago

"She want Celine, she want the Gucci" that part so damn catchy

by SwisherSweaty 1 month ago

The "scrolling through comments while listening" squad

by ZINHLE MANYONI 1 month ago

He protecc
He attacc
But most importantly
He sit in the bacc

by Nex Flights 1 month ago

This song makes me wanna break into someone’s house and throw a party

by Vortex 1 month ago

Those late night summer car trips, windows down & a real one right by your side.. This is it bro

by BlackySpeakz 1 month ago

This song is hella catchy and it has such a good beat.

Me:*Study’s lyrics to song*

by Ikenna Tasie 1 month ago

doctor: “you have 2 minutes and 53 seconds left to live”


by kylie reeder 1 month ago

Claim your “here before 1 million card” :

by phoenix 1 month ago

90% Lyrics
9,9% Talking about random stuff that has nothing to do with the music
0,1% me wasting my time writing this

by 悲しみlleo 1 month ago

RODDY DUN MURKED THIS RIGHT HERE! He a real talented artist unlike all these lames who just be goin viral by usin Authenticviews com to get their views up to go viral.. Smh seems like anyone can go viral these days

by Kitty Lillian 1 month ago

omg this song slaps!!! i can’t imagine a world without you! you have helped me through so much over the years and i hope for you to make more music for many more! don’t listen to the haters cuz at the end of the day they can’t be spittin verses as fast as you!!

by Niki K 1 month ago



by BBL MC * 1 month ago

She want celine
She want da gucci
But most importantly,
S h e g o t s t a n k c o o c h i e

by ToonDevil YT 1 month ago

Roddy Ricch - Bacc Seat Remix featuring Ty Dolla & Young Thug

by Soul Rebel 318 1 month ago

Juice wrld say we can't past 21
Now Roddy is 21
I don't wanna lose him 😔

by Shams Edine 1 month ago

This makes me wanna blast it in the school auditorium...

by Hennessey 1 month ago

Who ever reading this hope god bless u and heal whats hurting you💯🙏🏾

by yaboi373 dahate is bad 1 month ago

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