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Rod Wave - Cuban Links feat. Kevin Gates (Official Music Video)

RodWave photo 1 Rod Wave - Cuban Links... RodWave photo 2 Rod Wave - Cuban Links... RodWave photo 3 Rod Wave - Cuban Links... RodWave photo 4 Rod Wave - Cuban Links...

Respect To Gates For Not Sleeping On Rod 🙏🔥Like if u agree

by Acg Jay 6 months ago

Kevin Gates is that cool uncle that let you smoke and drink with him

by T H 2 months ago

When its pain in the voice, that melody hit differently

by Travon Tisino 2 months ago

“Wake up in the morning hit my knees and I pray, cause he finally made a way” that verse alone should get a diamond plaque

by Don Dada 2 months ago

I remember being in a summer work program with Rod wave and he would promote his music by telling everyone to watch him perform at Astro Skate it's so good to see he finally made it he deserve everything that he has accomplished so far💪🏾

by Dyi-mond S 3 months ago

“No 9 dollas could help me face what I was facin”💯🤦🏿‍♂️

by Calvin Gilliam 2 months ago

Kevin Gates Voice Is So Relaxing.😌❤️They Kilt This Tho.🥵

by Jasha Smith 2 months ago

Who else heard that note Gates hit @ - 👀

by Ry 3 months ago

kevin gates fans wya🔥💪🏾✅

by InfernoJay 6 months ago

“I’m gon die in these Cuban links”
“Right now today”

by That_guy_adam__ 2 months ago

kevin Gates did his shiii . point blank periodt 🥱 .

by Nakyla Nolan 1 month ago

Rod wave : “ die in these Cuban links “😍 Kevin Gates : “ right now today “ 🥵🥵

by Nastascia’s Life 3 weeks ago

This song hits so hard musically, literally and spiritually. I'm sure everyone can agree we've been through alot struggles and we just stick with each other and pray

by AK - 6 1 month ago

"God is real.
God loves you.
God wants the best for you.
Believe that.
I do."

Chris Pratt

by Tithanhobit 6 months ago

I kinda been struggling a lot, I lost my dad at 17 (I’m 20 now), I got bills to pay and to help my momma. I have a dream on singing and rapping but I’m no shit for it. But no matter what imma get outta this hole and be successful one day, I’ll have a house, a car, and give my momma a lotta things, swear for god.

by Bruno Díaz 2 days ago

anybody else that got chills after this

by Chill Gill 1 week ago

When Kevin said "Right now today" I don't know why I started rolling bruh 😂💀💀

by Abdurahman Hussein 4 days ago

"When You Fall Off You Find Out Who Really Love You"

by Jetty 3 months ago

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