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Rod Wave - Dark Clouds (Official Music Video)

RodWave photo 1 Rod Wave - Dark Clouds... RodWave photo 2 Rod Wave - Dark Clouds... RodWave photo 3 Rod Wave - Dark Clouds... RodWave photo 4 Rod Wave - Dark Clouds...

Whoever likes this will be rich and successful💯

by Bos74 Scamlikely 5 months ago

"Im not mad Im exhausted" hit me on a whole different level

by Kahlil_54 1 month ago

If you skip and dont like you not a rod wave fan

Pull up my likes

by 10ak47 2 days ago

bro this song hit so different when you’re high or even late at night with headphones on 🥱

by jose yapur 1 month ago

I always look in his comments on his songs and I always realize that the people in his comments aren’t afraid to tell the story’s or what they’re going through💯 That’s what his music does to you💯🙏🏾

by Onya Jones 1 month ago

Who automatically liked before listening to the song?😒🤣

by Yeah that's me!! 5 months ago

His music is like a prayer we’ve all prayed

by Vadaul Manning 1 month ago

I've lost my best friend to some stupid stuff, I've been tossed in jail and I've been thinking about doing somethings... I've listened to this 5 times now and When i herd this the first time i had to get out of bed to bern one. I hope you make it to the best in life i hope you make millions!! I love you like a brother and i don't share blood with you. You are a real one my G and don't change for NOBODY!!! You preach real shit!!!

by Bubba Frost 1 month ago

The fact that some people could relate fr his music is one one of a KIND

by esther polanco 4 days ago

His music hit different when you been heartbroken

by Sae Balla 5 months ago

I been feelin' pain for so long
I done became numb
I don't make it no better
I give my heart to whoever
They take it and they run
You had me but you lost me
I'm not mad, I'm exhausted
Please, please, if you come around
Give me something to make me smile
— 😩😷

by Terika Mostella 1 week ago

Makes Me Tear Up When I Hear "You Had Me, But You Lost Me
I'm Not Maaad, I'm Exhausted" 🎵

by Oso Dnote 1 month ago

He doesn’t sing. He preaches.

by masomack 3 weeks ago

“I been feeling pain for so long , I done became numb “ . & “I give my heart whoever they take it and they run” . I felt that 💔🤟🏽!

by Fallon Lanae’ 3 weeks ago

“They all had hidden agendas, that they wasn’t showin”

by Jaquan Kinney 5 months ago

man I’m depressed and all I can do is listen to him.

by Istolejah 1 week ago

"Looking for peace, begging for space"😔😔

by akeemseegrims 1 month ago

I've lost my dad from I'm six years old and he was bury on my birthday life fck up sometimes but I'm always gonna stay strong an hold the faith ✊✊everyday can't be the same 😔😪I'm feeling pain so long 😔😔lord I'm just nigga trying to win 👊👊so many dark days.....

by Winston Sutherland 3 weeks ago

"You had me then you lost me, I'm not mad I'm exhausted" I felt that in my soul!

by Crystal Hall 1 month ago

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