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Rod Wave - Pray 4 Love (Official Music Video)

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Lyrics, Like, after you like a baby, a child, a lil kid if you lucky enough
You know what I’m sayin
After you a child bruh, don’t have time for this shit man. Forreal.
This shit rough man, you got a long road but a cold one, straight up.
They only love what you do for em, the only kinda love out here my n***a.
Who can you trust, in this cold cold world.
Betta get a blanket, it’s worst than a wild wild west this shit get dangerous.
And I thought I see the day separate glitter from gold, when friends turn into foes, But it’s the life that I chose
And these hoes look so heaven sent but be so devilish
got spiteful ways never seen it coming like a tidal wave.
Get on my knees everyday ask God and pray
That my dirty ways, don’t lead me to a early grave.
One life to live and it’s survival of the fucking fittest
Here come your rivals, when you winning they want competition.
And did I mention n****s itching to be opposition
Hit the blocks with glocks with the extensions, now ain’t no tension
Told my old lady how I’m feeling, she said I’m tripping
but she don’t know I pray for love
On the block with the thugs, praying a n**** show us love
but ain’t no love so we get it out the mud.
Momma made me feel like I overstayed my welcome, so I packed up my shit and went for seldom like wheres the fellas?
I’m pretty sure they understand the way I feel
hot box the bucket, laugh about how cold the world is
like ain’t no love in this shit til you get rich and famous.
and these hoes want rappers or ball players
it’s hard to separate the fake cause they chose us
Everybody showed up when we blowed up
“Aye das real shit yah now what I’m saying”
I pray for, I pray for love, yeah
I pray for love
I pray for love, yeah
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I pray for love, yeah, Yeah
Yeah, yeah
Credits, Directed by All The Smoke
Albert Lago al_bert_la_go
Justin Staple justinstaple
Tyler Benz tylerbenz
Produced by All The Smoke allthesmokepictures
Edited by All The Smoke allthesmokepictures
Directory of Photography Brett Arndt b.a.cinema
1st Assistant Camera Sam Robinson.
Color by Quinn Alvarez.
Commissioned by Albert Lago al_bert_la_go

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comment yo favorite verse 💔

by RodWave 1 week ago

“Get on ma knees everyday ask God and pray that my dirty ways don’t lead me to an early grave” 💯😔

by Vassana 2005 1 week ago

I can’t see how people say this man is weak it’s because they say he always depress no he always speak the truth and I’d rather listen to rod wave all day then someone talking about shooting guns and killing someone just my opinion...

by King Mouse 1 week ago

He sayin what every black man feels. “No one cares about u till you get money”

by Less Talk More Do 2 days ago

No Mumbling
No Face Tats
No Dubstep kind of beat drops
No Bars about irrelevant stuff
100% Talent

by Scoped Relic34 1 week ago

“Mama made me feel like I over stayed my welcome” I felt that.

by Mami Tink 1 week ago

Hope everyones Dream Come true Just stay Focused and be you💯

by begs 1 week ago

"Everybody showed up when we blowed up"

It's TRUE everyone show up when its tune to eat😤

by Yb slime 2 days ago

“It’s hard to separate the fake because they chose us...everybody showed up when we blowed up”😪🐐

by Luna Soap ASMR 1 week ago

Who’s here before a million?

by Ft Trey 1 week ago

“Told my old lady how I’m feeling she say I’m tripping, but she don’t know I pray for love”

by Jasmine Pickens 6 days ago

Glad he ain’t retirin’ Rod is our Therapy session

by J U 1 week ago

“Who can you trust in this cold cold world better get a blanket “💯💯💯

by Victoria J 1 week ago

" Get On My Knees everyday i Ask God And pray , That My Dirty Way's Don't lead me to a Early Grave " !

by DiloThaGoat 2 days ago

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