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Rod Wave - The Last Sad Song (Official Music Video)

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Directed By DrewFilmedIt

#ghetto gospel

RodWave photo 1 Rod Wave - The Last... RodWave photo 2 Rod Wave - The Last... RodWave photo 3 Rod Wave - The Last... RodWave photo 4 Rod Wave - The Last...

A random person who likes this would be rich for the rest of there live and meet rod wave

by qveen fiyaah 3 weeks ago

rod wave: “i aint left da house in 2 months but i made 2 million”

by Kristineee 3 weeks ago

Such a great artist he makes u feel his music very talented artist

by Wakeelah M 2 weeks ago

Rod wave really a whole vibe you only can relate to his music if you been threw shii like he speak to you threw his music ✍🏽

by Hailey Kennedy 1 week ago

One random person that likes this comment will become a millionaire in 2 years.

by ClarenceNYC TV 3 weeks ago

“Life goes on so this can’t be the last sad song” shit hit differential 💔

by Elim on 60 Hz 3 weeks ago

“I smiled, cause I been battling these demons ever since I was a little child. Time to let em go.” Rod is so real and relatable for me.

by CT27 1 week ago

2 Minutes Of Silence For Those Who Didn't Find This Song Yet.

by opzz xsin 2 weeks ago

"I ain't left the house in 2 months and I made 2 million" FIRE!!

by TheRealTurph 5 days ago

Rod Wave: “the last sad song”

Me: that’s 🧢

by DaHomie Joey 3 weeks ago

people looking back at this gonna be hella confused to why hes wearing a face mask

by musty 1 week ago

If they don’t play this at my funeral, I ain’t dying.

by Claucem Molinario 2 weeks ago

Anybody else miss when the comments was actually about the song and not about likes?

by Young J Money 2 weeks ago

rod wave: mmm

by Kiari.! 6 days ago

Only people that appreciate rod waves dedication to his work can like this.

by YNBduck11 3 weeks ago

This song makes me wanna put back the 10$ that i stole from my momma’s purse

by Hey Gutz 2 weeks ago

I just can’t take how this quarantine music is legendary !

by Lexi Candy 2 days ago

The ain’t no damn “last sad song”😭 Rod Wave ain’t Rid Wave without sad shit .....fym☹️

by abbsnn cose 2 weeks ago

Bro he’s rapping about his life. How his heart as been broken so many times and shit, and like he has depression. Then he jumps of the balcony into the water. With the piranhas. I’m tearing up

by Exthernal 6 days ago

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