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What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like, Day By Day

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After being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19, it can take as few as two and as many as 14 days for symptoms to develop. Cases range from mild to critical. The average timeline from the first symptom to recovery is about 17 days, but some cases are fatal. Here's what it looks like to develop COVID-19, day by day.
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What Coronavirus Looks Like, Day By Day

Science Insider photo 1 What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like,... Science Insider photo 2 What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like,... Science Insider photo 3 What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like,... Science Insider photo 4 What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like,...

Additionally, If you've lost your sense of smell or taste, you could be a 'hidden carrier' of the coronavirus. Learn more here:

by Science Insider 1 week ago

Me: coughs and has a sore throat
Also me: nervous sweating

by Amaichi Pop 2 weeks ago

We all need to track out health from home BECAUSE WE NEED TO STAY AT HOME i have one of this and its great get yourself one at shop or from this site

by Robert Charles 2 days ago

Beware of the power of fear and anxiety: it will weaken your immune system. Everything begins in the mind. What you need is awareness and common sense, neither fear nor denial. Trust your body's power to overcome this virus or any other, but give it the tools it needs with a healthy lifestyle. When your lifestyle is unhealthy you become your body's worst enemy and invite its destruction by such opportunistic agents as COVID-19. Think of this virus as a predator overcoming a weak prey. And don't fool yourself: you can be either healthy and strong or unhealthy and weak at any age.

by mewabe4 1 week ago

My grandfather went out and got tested for the COV-19 and he got tested positive please every one pray for him I canโ€™t bare too loose him

by PBG_ Puppie 3 days ago

Stop buying 15 pounds of toilet paper.......

by GORILLA ROB 2 weeks ago

This is absolutely horrifying. People still wonโ€™t take this seriously. This is horrible. Iโ€™m praying for everyone.

by Jacob E 3 days ago

I pray that this virus does not come near you and your family. If it has.. trust God! He is a healer. ๐ŸŒป

by Beydiddy 5 days ago

I'm 60, had 2 strokes, and am self quarantined. No body enters my home, and I do not go out.

by Becky Shock 1 week ago

Who ever reading this - I pray for you and your family's good health.

by arun luman 1 week ago

Anybody else here because they just developed a dry cough, shortness of breath, and a runny nose? Because same.

by Sam Valladares 3 days ago

Not having a cure is the most scary thing about it all!

by Mr. ENGlishJELLo 4 days ago

Why my lungs switch from automatic to manual breathing mode??

by Mangal Nafriya 1 week ago

She ends with: โ€œdonโ€™t panicโ€
Me: To late ๐Ÿ˜ญ

by Lily Shallan 1 week ago

Now i cant have a little cough and sore throat without being paranoid

by J K 2 weeks ago

I am particularly scared of the not being able to breathe part. This week I've thought I couldn't breathe like 15 times. (Thanks anxiety) This video did not help.

by UrMom DotCom 3 days ago

As of right now my dad is in the hospital he has covid-19 and heโ€™s in a critical condition heโ€™s in the icu we canโ€™t see him. Please stay home

by laura martinez 1 week ago

Remember, the "breathing difficulties" can be exasperated by anxiety. I am not down playing the breathing difficulties, but I feel that it is important to elucidate the anxiety that can manifest itself. Stay safe, cheers!

by Eric 6 days ago

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