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I don't know what's worse. That he can't spell Portuguese, or that he thinks that geese go quack quack.

by LazuliGamez 9 months ago

Once I called this guy a "peasant", and he was like, "This isn't the mid-evil times."

by stibtihict 11 months ago

It sounds like people are using some kind of speech recognition app, but not checking the message before sending.

Cellar vee!

by Sunny Intervals 9 months ago

Bon appétit

by blank 1 year ago

Took me a few months to realize the thumbnail is part of the joke. PizzaHut to Pizza Hat.

by Abdominal Treason 10 months ago

i love how agressively you said “i smell like his colon now”

by Kasey Kilian 10 months ago

"just like grammar used to make" OH MY GAWD THAT WAS A GOOD ONE XD

by ParanoeX 6 months ago

”Hello, I’m Mister Meaner. I carry around small quantities of marijuana. Not a felonious amount, I keep that in my knee.”

by Ri0tt [AJ] 9 months ago

this actually is pane full to watch

by T8R BOI 1 year ago

What do you call a hamster city?


by B _ 11 months ago

I once texted my friend “the pee zah is red y”
She said “wow you have period?”

by ꧁cookitamram꧂ 10 months ago

b o n e a p p t h e t e e t h

by Girly Naee 10 months ago

I'm gonna be a sigh insist when I'm older

by Señor Fox 11 months ago

I can’t tell if he deleted his friend because of the bad spelling, or because he thinks people with felonies should be hired? 😂😂😂

by Abigail B 11 months ago

I can't believe you passed up the opportunity for "Dragon Ball Oui".

by stagmeyer 4 months ago

“I hate grapes. They discuss me.”
“What they be sayin’?”

by Captain Freedom 2 months ago

That “youth in Asia” joke is old. I remember seeing it used on the Benny Hill Show. That’s how old it is..

by Russell Henry 6 months ago

Sometimes we take our language for granite

by Ta 1 year ago

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