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StaySolidRocky- Party Girl (Official Music Video)

#Lil mama #She just wan' have fun too #Party Girl #Rocky #People & Blogs
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StaySolid Rocky photo 1 StaySolidRocky- Party Girl (Official Music... StaySolid Rocky photo 2 StaySolidRocky- Party Girl (Official Music... StaySolid Rocky photo 3 StaySolidRocky- Party Girl (Official Music... StaySolid Rocky photo 4 StaySolidRocky- Party Girl (Official Music...

“she boot up off the meds” “she wan gimme toto, i tell her come close”

by StaySolid Rocky 1 week ago

Lets have a moment of silence for the people who still cant find this song 😔

by LUVVY DUVVY 1 month ago

This is how many times u hear that song in day

by Se7eN. 2 days ago

This boy look like Lil Mosey and Blueface with a Ynw Melly type voice

by ツJatnn 5 days ago

"I told her call me Rocky, But she won't call me that." That's deep bro.

by No Lxve 23 hours ago

She's not thinking about you king , get some sleep . Tomorrows a fresh day

by Paul Cohen 2 days ago

Tik tok: Ima start this man career

by Starsmood 3 days ago

this the only tiktok song that ain’t ass after the sound ong😭💯

by Flock oKeez 5 days ago

This proves your songs could blow up months after it’s released

by Psycho Beatz 4 hours ago

When he said “In NewYork I milly rock” I felt that

by Titn 1 day ago

How has genius not interviewed him, like they did it with other rappers during these rough times

by Soap Hops 2 days ago

Who else peep the shirt “drugs r bad”😂

by Jelly Slugs 1 day ago

This is how much people is new to this rapper

by Faze Claws 2 days ago

On repeat all day with Xavier White - Panamera 🔥🔥

by Future Cuts 7 hours ago

Giving me a lil bit of Melly vibez🤷🏽‍♀️

by Vanessa Smith 1 month ago

“Lil mama a party girl but she jus wan have fun too😩”

by TrulyLando 4 days ago

“They say you ain’t wifey type but I don’t care I want you “ ok but who looked up this

by BadName 223 4 days ago

Him: Wears “Drugs r Bad” shirt
Also him: smokes weed

by Nezro 13 hours ago

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