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Building Our Roblox AVATARS In ADOPT ME!!! | SunsetSafari

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Hey Safarians, in today's video I decided to build my ROBLOX AVATAR IN ADOPT ME!
Inspired by: https://youtu.be/APgfbCx90_4
iiOrayzo: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1CY...
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Sunset Safari photo 1 Building Our Roblox AVATARS In... Sunset Safari photo 2 Building Our Roblox AVATARS In... Sunset Safari photo 3 Building Our Roblox AVATARS In... Sunset Safari photo 4 Building Our Roblox AVATARS In...

Hope you enjoyed watching me build my Roblox Avatar in Adopt Me!

by Sunset Safari 2 weeks ago

whoever is reading this, I hope you’re okay and if your going through something best of luck stay strong you are amazing beautiful and unique be you <33 have a great day!! ☺️✨💕💗

by - rrxsy - 2 weeks ago

me : struggling to make a unicorn

Sunset : Makes avatar without stress

by Xenia Playz 2 weeks ago

Sunset: 333k subscribers

me: AH 333! ✨ that’s my lucky number!

by teaload 2 weeks ago

"Roses are Red"
"Violets are Blue"
"I love Sunset"
"And I know you do too!"

by Emma Plays Roblox 2 weeks ago


by Kawaii potato 2 weeks ago

"Roses are red"
"Violets are blue"
"Sunset the best"
"Everyone knows thats true"

by Mohamed Maher 2 weeks ago

U Can use signs for the lips and Freckles and for the eyes u can use the small bowls

by Fearless SheepYT 2 weeks ago

Me watching this on iiorayzo, and i read a comment saying he just watched it on sunset’s channel, me goes to sunset’s channel to watch it instantly cuz i wanted to see both statues of you...but nice idea now i wanna build myself!

by Blue Kitty 2 weeks ago

"Roses are red"
"Violets are blue"
"I love sunset"
Pls do me i want a build TwT

by Idris Ismail 2 weeks ago

when she played the background music
I was like: she watched too much 5 minutes crafts

by Philo Morphy 1 week ago

Me: *read* “designed by my grandson lol”
Also me: OMG U HAVE A GRANDSON? I didn’t know u were that old—NO OFFENSE MEANT :)

by Violet Cheetah 2 weeks ago

Yeet I'm building my house inspired by you I'll give a house ture of it in yt

I'm not a YouTuber I just wanna do this soon I'll become one

by Kimhua’s Videos 2 weeks ago

Henlo. Hope u are having a great day. If not, that’s ok there are always better days.

by iiAshley_Roseii 2 weeks ago

I think Sunset is starting to enjoy adopt me more than bloxburg like me with royal high.

by Itz_Maria Eliza 2 weeks ago

When I saw the reminder I’m like, eh bye bye FaceTime! I was talking to my grandma and grandpa. XD ILYSM.

by BlushinqRose 2 weeks ago

I’m the 14 person to comment! Sunset, you are the best, kindest person ever.
Whoever is reading this, have an amazing day
Edit: tysm for hearting this comment Sunset <3 stay safe everyone :)

by MuffinxCustard 2 weeks ago

Yeee new videooo!
and also whoever is reading this, hope you are all great and healthy. Don't worry this problem will not be here for long, soon it will be fixed! 😘🥰❤ Love You All ❤❤

by BoReD ArTiSt 2 weeks ago

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