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Off Brand Art Supplies Vs. Name Brand: Which Is Worth The Money??๐ŸŽจ

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SuperRaeDizzle photo 1 Off Brand Art Supplies Vs.... SuperRaeDizzle photo 2 Off Brand Art Supplies Vs.... SuperRaeDizzle photo 3 Off Brand Art Supplies Vs.... SuperRaeDizzle photo 4 Off Brand Art Supplies Vs....

Ah! Iโ€™m happy to see yโ€™all are enjoying the video. Update on my poor Bowie: sheโ€™s doing better every day. Sheโ€™ll be better soon. Sheโ€™s though!!

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Annnddd Iโ€™ll see you guys next video

by SuperRaeDizzle 8 hours ago

Me praying that the cheaper ones are superior because I know I canโ€™t afford the name brands

by Whyidonthaveaboyfriend 9 hours ago

Me: painting

Rae: uploads

Me: idc if this damn acrylic dries up Iโ€™m watching this

by Twilight sparkle Show 9 hours ago

Me: there the same thing!
Super Rae Dizzle: this is COMPLETELY different!

by Aakruti Putheti 9 hours ago

I don't think Daler & Rowney is specifically a Walmart brand - I've got several of their products (some from Amazon, some from art/stationary shops), but we don't have Walmart. I think it's just a student-grade-focused brand.

by CH 8 hours ago

Daler Rowney is soooo not a walmart brand, neither a knock off ๐Ÿ˜ญ youโ€™re hurting my soul rae

by Charles The Lord of Rats 8 hours ago

Daler Rowney (the erasers and ink) is not an offbrand, theyโ€™re a British brand that makes mid to high end student and professional artist materials.

by Lisko ! 8 hours ago

Daler Rowney isn't a Walmart brand. It has really good products. In a quality chart, they'd be after Windsor and Newton or Derwent. I've tested their watercolours and they're amazing.

by Karolina Kieliszek 8 hours ago

I recommend a cheap brand markers:
Touchnew markers 80 set

by IG: Edmreynoso 8 hours ago

YouTube: apostles 52 seconds ago
Me : I want to put something in comments but what??

by Caitlins art ๐ŸŒป 9 hours ago

when you have exceeded the point where you only see one view:

by Jazzy A1 9 hours ago

I was literally just thinking about when you were gonna post

by Hoseoks juicebox 9 hours ago

for some reason Rae calling Daler Rowney "knock off" really bothers me

by Emi A 5 hours ago

Can I just say daler rowney is a good brand that is in one of the best art stores in Britain so please

by School Tips 8 hours ago

I went to a walmart in my area. The shelves in the art isle were the same

But I did find faber castel stuff and micron pens and even tombow pens.

It was a huge score on my part

I also saw a heavily dented prismacolor tin. R.I.P. Prismacolor tin and probs the pencils inside too

by Annette Dancer 9 hours ago

Me : I'll be first ...

My internet : Nice joke !

by Mr. Joker 9 hours ago

Rae Rae Rae! Calling Daler-Rowney knock off hurts my soul ๐Ÿ˜‚it's actually a really good British brand, I use their products quite a lot. I think their "Simply" products are like student grade quality, so that's why they are a little cheaper. Great video as always!

by Kattvalk 5 hours ago

I just want to say I really hope Bowie is doing okay. Sending thoughts and prayers and I hope she will get better soon! โค๏ธ

by Lisa Grey 8 hours ago

Rae: explains everything about pencils*

by Fluffy Fox 7 hours ago

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