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Rescue of monkeys in Vietnam. Help Too, JoJo, Pink, Emily, Melon... kept illegally at home!

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Other vids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5LfG...
Links to articles related to the above vid (use e.g. Google translation), Illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam: http://www.antv.gov.vn/tin-tuc/phap-l...
A baby monkey at the police station: https://anninhthudo.vn/doi-song/trung...
Release primates to the nature: http://vuonquocgiabaitulong.vn/Vuon-q...
Release 'a pet monkey' to the forest: http://www.antv.gov.vn/tin-tuc/xa-hoi...
About wildlife rescue centres: https://baomoi.com/noi-tam-tru-cua-do...
I made a compilation of clips and photos reposted from Vietnamese social media.
'Woods', 'Porches and Universes' from YT music library.

Tassilo 3 photo 1 Rescue of monkeys in Vietnam.... Tassilo 3 photo 2 Rescue of monkeys in Vietnam.... Tassilo 3 photo 3 Rescue of monkeys in Vietnam.... Tassilo 3 photo 4 Rescue of monkeys in Vietnam....

S0RRY, I had to make a compilation again.Because of copyright law to a clip on wildlife trade the first compilation with comments got blocked 10.11.2019 , but without consequences to the channel.
"Despite long and tragic wars with the Japanese, the French, the Chinese and the United States during the last century, Vietnam is a treasure house. It is one of the world’s hot spots of biological diversity. There are 30 national parks in a country a bit larger than New Mexico, and about as many kinds of animals as in those pre-eminent safari destinations, Kenya and Tanzania." Read more please:

"Vietnam has done many intergovernmental agreements on wildlife protection, including the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES); the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD); the Global Tiger Forum (GTF); the Global Tiger Initiative (GTI); and the ASEAN Wildlife Enforcement Network (ASEAN-WEN)." Read more please:

by Tassilo 3 5 months ago

The pervert who has Too and Jojo and maybe Pink, plays with Too's private area all the time.

by Cica Featherstone 5 months ago

Let me know what we can do if you come up with anything. I have been trying to get youtube to demonetize them. There is also a petition going around for that also. Everyday more and more pop up. They have no clue how to prepare these monkeys for the wild and then just turn them loose when they are older. They are going to make the pigtails extinct just like they have 11 other breeds of primates not to mention the other animals.

by Judy Dorsett 5 months ago

How did I miss this? 👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you for sharing Tassilo

by Peaceful Spirit 4 months ago

Tassilo 3 cuantas crias has salvado, y si haces algo para tratar de mantener comunicación con las autoridades de china para salvar a esa pobres crias .

by Momis Norma 5 months ago

Como é bom saber que tem alguém que se preocupa com os animais!

by Wanda Pegoraro 5 months ago

rescue the puppy being used illegally, monkey ye channel from Vietnam

by Miss Ogro Tóxico 1 month ago

Tassilo 3 : So if Hahn of Monkey Mom , is still showing videos of monkey melon , are they old was she confiscated or not , did they take Red and Bum monkeys ??

by High Tea 5 months ago

Dont they miss their "humans" painfully?

by Ingrid1011 5 months ago

Please take Beo and Best from that weird owner.

by Arron Blessing 4 months ago

Как я поняла Гона и Мио тоже сюда привезли.Если можно покажите, пожалуйста.

by Лидия Качан 5 months ago


by pavel milenko 5 months ago

Good deal happy they can become what they are supposed to be , real rehabilitated , wild monkeys BRAVO , all who worked so hard for this DAY Congratulations ENV Tassilo 3 Everyone Else

by High Tea 5 months ago

I read somewhere that a monkey baby only has a 25% chance to make it to adulthood in the wild due to the males raping, abusing and killing babies as they see fit which is often in many cases. This video is horrendous treatment of the monkeys, much worse than some of those monkeys experienced living as a pet. They will almost for sure have no chance to survive as some were so young they’re just taking a bottle and a little mushed banana.

by Micah Esther 4 months ago

Monkey Do and Dolly. Do needs to be in a sanctuary. Very bad clinging onto Dolly all the time and she cannot drink.

by North Star 4 months ago

I just saw that the household of Monkey Too, Pink, and Jo Jo, also have more monkeys, Google, Ko Ko and others!!! The wife is pregnant and I have to ask you Tassilo 3 why do some households own so many monkey babies?

by North Star 5 months ago

Wtf didn’t they release gon and miu with a troop of other monkeys? They just released 2 baby’s in the woods with no chance! Why?!

by *** STAR-MAN *** 5 months ago

The owner who has too, pink, JoJo has Google and cute Tori. Please take care of Tori and Google. Abused 🐒

by Bindu Roy 3 months ago

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