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Giant Volleyball Challenge!!

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Team Edge photo 1 Giant Volleyball Challenge!! Team Edge photo 2 Giant Volleyball Challenge!! Team Edge photo 3 Giant Volleyball Challenge!! Team Edge photo 4 Giant Volleyball Challenge!!

How tall is Joey compared to Bobby

by Lion Wolf 1 week ago

The amount of times you guys hurt yourselves... an award is needed, just like Bobby’s falling award.

by Blake Hoffman 1 week ago

Marvin is trying to highfive with them

by LEKULU CH 1 week ago

Me: I wish volleyball wasn’t cancelled
Team Edge: Giant Volleyball Challenge!!
Me: well... close enough I guess


by Kealani Lopez 1 week ago

Im pretty sure they forgot to change the score on the blue team here:

by Backimus 1 week ago

We aren’t gonna talk about how good Bobby was with that paddle?

by Random Cow 1 week ago

Who ever disliked this didn’t even see the video

by CJF Flower 1 week ago

Edge Points: Joe: 5, Bob: 7, Bry: 10, Marv: 3, Kev: 3

by Sgt Z 1 week ago

Does anybody remember “I took a chance and pulled down my pants”. Only OGs

by Carson Krueger 1 week ago

“Ok so what should we do for our next video?”

Team edge: big

by Hannah Alber 1 week ago

their score didn't change it stayed at 20 while the match before that, team kryan got 2 points instead of one
Edit:They should be tied 23 who ever was scoring this was high😂jk

by I See YOU 1 week ago

Anyone else think Jfred looked like his dad in the livestream, lol. Stay safe while you practice “gOod SoCiaL DisTaNCinG”

by Gabriela Ayala 1 week ago

I’m surprised that Marvin didn’t say “he just ring that over”

by Lando Doty 1 week ago

I'm almost positive that the "someone dying" was j-fred

by Sean Kilby 1 week ago

Fun Fact: Bobby is the: Youngest, Shortest, and has the Deepest voice out of all of them.

by xoobo vola 2 days ago

Did anybody else buy me notice the point counter mess up twice in a row

by Nico Stahl 1 week ago

Ok I just have to say at the end the score should have been 24 23 they didn’t count the 21st point the first time and it stayed at 20

by ☁︎︎ Sᴋʏᴀ :3 ☁︎︎ 1 week ago

I love how they’re playing volleyball with absolutely no volleyballs

by Dylan Reed 3 days ago

i can’t be the only volleyball player who every foul said “that’s a 2 touch “ etc

by iiomq_ILoveUnicorns 3 days ago

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