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Game Theory: Death by NIGHTMARE! (Try To Fall Asleep)

#dreams #game theorists #horror game #sleep deprivation #Gaming
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Try To Fall Asleep is an indie horror game that has taken my Theorist brain by storm. Since playing it, I HAD to do a theory. The story revolves around our player character, a man tormented by hallucinations while awake AND asleep. We have to try to fall asleep for our own good, or so our Doctor says. I am going to piece together all of the puzzle pieces of our time awake and dreaming to figure out what is going on at the CENTER of this awesome horror game. Let's go!
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#TryToFallAsleep #HorrorGame #ScaryGame #Horror #Scary #SleepDeprevation #Sleep #Nightmares #Theory #GameTheory.
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Credits, Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
Sources, https://www.reddit.com/r/horror/comme....

#science of dreams #sleep science #try to fall asleep explained #creepypasta #try to fall asleep ending #matpat #try to fall asleep #try to fall asleep game #insomnia #scary game #nightmare death #game theory #dream #nightmares #gtlive try to fall asleep #science of sleep

The Game Theorists photo 1 Game Theory: Death by NIGHTMARE!... The Game Theorists photo 2 Game Theory: Death by NIGHTMARE!... The Game Theorists photo 3 Game Theory: Death by NIGHTMARE!... The Game Theorists photo 4 Game Theory: Death by NIGHTMARE!...

Oh hey it's me at the far back, and Mark is caressing my face for some reason, what.

by ManlyBadassHero 1 week ago

“Its coming in your dreams”

Me, a lucid dreamer:
Parry this you hekkin casual

by Snuffystacks 1 week ago

MatPat: “Get on it Jacksepticeye!”

Jack: *Gets on it*

Everyone liked that

by Poppet Pebbles 3 days ago

Fun little fact “Bangungut” also roughly translates to “Terrible nightmare” in Filipino/Tagalog

by Jon Gaste 6 days ago

Bangungut. "Bang-gu-gut."

Me, a Filipino: Close enough.

by ALRB❤ 5 days ago

"he's already inside"
it's prolly better if you say "he's in your mind".

by SUPERTICK 5 days ago


Me, on like 30 hours of sleep for the week at most: At least that's not me ha, why are the walls breathing?

by Leifimations 5 days ago

Unsure if anyone has mentioned this, but Hmong is pronounced “mong” like Mongolia. The H is silent.

by weholdparties 6 days ago

Matpat: explaining about the “nightmare death”

Me: just chilling while listening

Matpat: includes the men who were Hmong and fought in Laos

Also me: Gets hyped because myself is Hmong
my brain: “I don’t think you should be hyped...”

by I need a life 1 week ago

Hi I am a Hmong American and I would just like to clarify, Hmong is just pronounced just 'mong' we dont say the H. So it's just mong. ^^

by Hobi's Sunshine 5 days ago

I can't even escape Tom Nook when closing my eyes

by Cali 4 days ago

"A dj had a 200 hour sleepless marathon, it ended with him running for the door half naked"

...why was he half naked?

by monkeywolfe 5 days ago

Scary game: Panic

It’s only a game: Calm

Sleep deprivation exist: Panic

by Alvin Brato 2 days ago

literally just woke up from a nap

Game Theory:”Fall asleep”


by Bisexual Ichigo 1 week ago


Filipinos and Laotians in the comment section: never knew we were the next target of the ng pronunciation

by honey sungie 5 days ago

I wouldn't be surprised if we find out at the end that John is actually a "lab rat" himself. Those "brain damages" and memory loss could very much be inflicted by the Doctor. If we think a lot, in psychiatric facilities, before we had our current, more humaine treatments, some of the "techniques" used on patients, had to do with electricity and your brain. What if they did that to John, to either cure something...or to just test something on him. Many times, mentally ill patients were used as test subjects. The same goes for death row inmates.

The room we are in, could possibly be a replicate of his own room, to make the subject feel more at ease. The robot talking, could be a monitoring device.
They could be inducing the nightmares with a mix of some medicine. Playing with Serotonin and Neuroepinefrin could do that. Like in Until Dawn!! The brothers get treated for wrong illness, gets auditory and visual hallucinations. Same thing applies here, but it just happens on purpose...

Or it could just be a Theory!! 😁

by Alec Minamoto 5 days ago

Oh, my doctor diagnosed me with psychosis. I had smell, hearing and visual hallucinations, little to no sleep and almost constant nightmares. I'd wake up several times a night from the nightmares I had. It has gotten a lot better now though, funny to hear about a disorder I have in a game theory video. Nice video, keep up the great work.

by GachaSun&Moon 6 days ago

Addendum: there is a group of people with a genetic disease called "fatal familial insomnia". These people cannot fall asleep even with strong anaesthetics, sleeping pills, etc. The disease manifests around their late 20s, early 30s and death is certain within 18 months.

Edit: never mind, you mentioned it by the time I posted this comment :L

by Safebox Gaming 5 days ago

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