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Coronavirus Pandemic: Will N.Y.C.'s Homeless Students Be Left Behind? | NYT News

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This week New York Cityโ€™s public schools began remote learning. But for the more than 100,000 students who are homeless, virtual education may be out of reach.
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The New York Times photo 1 Coronavirus Pandemic: Will N.Y.C.'s Homeless... The New York Times photo 2 Coronavirus Pandemic: Will N.Y.C.'s Homeless... The New York Times photo 3 Coronavirus Pandemic: Will N.Y.C.'s Homeless... The New York Times photo 4 Coronavirus Pandemic: Will N.Y.C.'s Homeless...

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by The New York Times 1 week ago

I worry about the children who are living in unsafe home conditions with abusive parents or siblings with no escape.

I hope this little girl and her mum's circumstances improve so that they can be as safe and healthy as possible.

by Grunkle Tiro 1 week ago

All this money America has nobody shouldn't never be homeless

by APOSTLE MARC ASKEW 1 week ago

She is such a mature and positive little girl. I cried watching her experience and concerns. Be strong. We love you so much !

by oinkpiggin 1 week ago

Something no child should ever have to worry about is not feeling safe.

by Toni Wallace 1 week ago


by VoteForGod OurLastHope 1 week ago

Several Millionaires down the street from where sheโ€™s suffering paid 0 dollars in taxes last year.

by Youtube Account#:457 1 week ago

As a father my heart absolutely breaks for that momma. You can see the shame and agony she has because of her daughter's situation.

by Alejandro Reyna-Juarez 1 week ago

Internet access needs to be a world wide free service.

by why lisa why ? 1 week ago

such a smart young girl.. may God have mercy, and I pray they find a place soon.. This is very upsetting, I live in new york as well.

by melissa caban 1 week ago

Thank u-for showing the REAL tru effects of this pandemic-not just politics & numbers...awsome

by Michelle Rodriguez 1 week ago

they don't allow internet? america sounds more and more like a 3rd world country with each passing day

by Alex Jointsoon 1 week ago

โ€œWe donโ€™t know if we can get to go to school.โ€ It breaks my heart that so many students hate school and celebrate it being out while Allia and others like her are vying for a chance to learn and escape their own conditions for hours a day. Education can be the ticket out from not only day to day, but for a different life for these students.

by Liam Neels 1 week ago

In my state, the schools provide laptops with a wireless modem to connect to the internet for the students who do not have a laptop and internet

by O V O 1 week ago

New generation of kids will thrive further than adults...I like to see new generations develop better system in government and healthcare as well as all essential industries. Hope that they vanquish corrupted system and people. That's my hope

by koban4max 1 week ago

She's clearly a very bright girl. I suspect she will be okay in the long run. There are others in her position that are not so well equipped.

by beshwan 1 week ago

Sheโ€™s a talented and eloquent young lady. Best wishes to you darling ๐Ÿ’›

by YASSS Kari 1 week ago

100 000 homeless children. America, home of the brave and land of the free to die of exposure. Disgusting.

by Eric Dumont 1 week ago

I never expected that lack of internet would ever be a problem in a place like NYC.

by Prakhar Tripathi 1 week ago

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