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Curve Sketching

#introduction #polynomial functions #inflection points #practice problems #Education
This calculus video tutorial provides a basic introduction into curve sketching. it explains how to graph polynomial functions using the signs of the first derivative and the second derivative of a function. You need to identify the critical numbers and potential inflection points in addition to the concavity of the graph. You need to combine the sign charts of the first derivative and second derivative into one single sign chart using a number line. This will help you to get the right shape of the graph. It's helpful to identify any x-intercepts in the function as well as the y-coordinates of the relative maximum and relative minimum. This will help you to draw an accurate sketch. This video has a few examples and practice problems.
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#derivatives #functions #sign charts #curve sketching #second derivative #critical numbers #relative maximum #first derivative #examples #problems #concavity #relative minimum #x-intercepts #basic introduction

The Organic Chemistry Tutor photo 1 Curve Sketching The Organic Chemistry Tutor photo 2 Curve Sketching The Organic Chemistry Tutor photo 3 Curve Sketching The Organic Chemistry Tutor photo 4 Curve Sketching

I literally have my test tomorrow. Thank you!

by eankeen 2 years ago

I actually met The man,
first thing I noticed:
His voice was LOUDER in real life!!
but way too slow (kinda high slow)
(im used to watch his videos in 2x)
though I couldn't hold my humorous smile
when I found myself looking for the speed button...

Thanks man

by Squire Lou 5 months ago

This is actually really simple. I would always get lost and confused when I do this in class

by pedroOreos G!!! 9 months ago

Thank you so much, this helped me a lot...

by Clara Wolf 4 months ago

U made it really easy to understand!! Thank you so much sir ๐Ÿ˜…
But when and where do we use point of inflection.. please elaborate

by Simran Basra 6 months ago

beautifully done. Definitely deserves a subscribe.

by Morgan Ray 1 year ago

Literally i have my final exam tomorrow and your videos are really helping me............Thank you :)

by SAMEER NAVEED 4 months ago

Thank you very much , great job really but i couldn't help notice that you made a mistake that the function less than x=-3 is down the x-axis not above that and thanks

by Baraa Yahya 4 months ago

goooooooooood and beautiful like the da(ily food) your crown of math wILL SHINE TILL THE END

by The EASY Way 2 years ago

Thanks for making these videos. :)

by Ipshita Das 9 months ago

you are a legend.

by are bee 1 year ago

Love you so much man! keep up the great videos!

by Ez 1 year ago

Please make a video on how to find a polynomial of a graph.

by Asif Sal 4 months ago

I bet that Highschool teachers disliked this video

by Doksh 8 months ago

This is really gonna help me get over my exam next week. Thank you.

by Venessa Saa 6 months ago

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