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ARMA 3 - Vietnam War - Huey CAS Runs & Huey ExFil - Unsung Vietnam War ARMA 3 Mod Gameplay

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3rd Ranger Battalion (3rdRB) Website, https://3rdrb.guildtag.com/
Navigate to the “Apply” tab to join the 3rd! Make sure to register and login first.
Mod List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/... Playing the Unsung War mod that puts you in the middle of Vietnam; it's awesome! You should TOTALLY get it if you can (it's rights below here:P)
Recruitment: http://3rdrba3.enjin.com/recruitment
It has Hueys, correct weapons and some vehicles, I heard tanks and planes are still in the making, its a very early build.
Textures of uniforms are very low res and are obviously a work in progress!
Song: Bobby Fuller Four - I Fought The Law ( And The Law Won)
Mod: http://www.moddb.com/mods/unsung1
Connect with me.
●Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/sherman_n_banzai
●Twitter: http://twitter.com/ShermanatorYT
●Steam Group: http://bit.ly/1pwdggu
●Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ShermanatorYT
●Instagram: https://instagram.com/shermanatoryt/
~Thanks for watching!

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The Shermanator photo 1 ARMA 3 - Vietnam War... The Shermanator photo 2 ARMA 3 - Vietnam War... The Shermanator photo 3 ARMA 3 - Vietnam War... The Shermanator photo 4 ARMA 3 - Vietnam War...

there needs to be more games that focus on Vietnam and Korean War.

by revolverswitch 4 years ago

"Is that a grenade? IT'S A GRENADE!"
Famous last words

by Daniel Băț 4 years ago

and for some reason we were always looking for this guy named charlie

by frigofflayhey 3 years ago

I think Vietnam and Korean War needs more games

by Robby Lammert 4 years ago

LMAO OMG...FREAKING AWESOME GAME!!! At some dude says, "Is that a grenade? ...GRENAAAADE! **BOOOM**."

by truth hurts 3 years ago

Why don't people set up servers for mods like this for pvp?

by Nick Ivanov 4 years ago

We all are used to playing Arma. Low FPS is no problem.

by Karakas 3 years ago

they all took the piss out of davidson when he said path.

by Jamie _ 4 years ago

typical, the LT doesn't know where he's going lol

by Ryunoku 3 years ago

they say you have 15 seconds to grab a viewers attention. attention got... love that song

by Lukas Saunders 3 years ago

Was this versus AI or real people?

by JUNTEXTRAS 3 years ago

I love the smell of a new video in the morning !

by Verelle007 4 years ago

hey sherm i didnt find the pixelation i still enjoyed the video!! and now all we need is a mod set in korea

by Harry Montgomery 4 years ago

I can't even explain how bad of an idea it would be to march a squad down a canyon like that in the actual Vietnam war.

by rentacow 3 years ago

- That's an Lt.-with-a-map moment there.

by AlexSDU 3 years ago

"is that a grenade?", dude wait till you'll be VR-ING it. walls broken fingers broken form jumping and running. lol

by klee77721 3 years ago

"Lieutenant Dan! Coleman's dead!"
"I know he's dead, my whole damn platoon is wiped out! Damnit! What're you doing?"
"You leave me here, get away buddy, just leave me here! Get out!"
"AHHHH!! Gump I said leave me here! Damnit!"
"Leg Lima 6! Leg Lima 6! This is strong Arm! Be advised your fast movers are inbound, over!"

by Chang Nguyen 6 months ago

I love the smell of napalm in the morning

by IzWolfPack 1 year ago

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