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TikToks That Will MAKE YOUR HEART STOP (or pump too hard😏)

#tik toks #tiktok cringe #coronavirus #tik tok dance #People & Blogs
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TikToks That Will MAKE YOUR HEART STOP (or pump too hard)
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98% of the comments: GREGGGGGGG
Other 2% other irrelevant things the video

by Viaaa Babyyy 1 week ago

greg: literally eating her owner
owner: gOtTa fiLm a tiKToK fOr qUaLiTy cOnTeNt

by nisa y. 4 days ago

99.9% of the comments: GreG
0.01% of the comments: why's everyone talking about greG

by •Riley Gacha• 4 days ago

Youtube: recommends

The whole internet: oh yeah! I totally want a heart attack even though im at home trying to avoid coronavirus!

by Adeena Rajput 4 days ago


by Maggie Harder 4 days ago

He protecc
He atacc
But most importantly....
He thinks his hooman is a snacc

by Cat Gamez323 1 week ago

"GrEg Is EaTiNg My FiNgEr ;n;"

Me : Welp GrEg Be SnAcKiN sUm FinGers

by • Mémøry • 3 days ago

*Greg Chomping On Finger*
Stop It GREG It Is Not Food GREG
Greg: My Goals Are Your Beyond Your Understanding

by SpazStrikes! 5 days ago

95% of the comments: GREG

3% of the comments: Why are all the comment s about Greg?!

1% of the comments: This

1% of the comments: Other tiktok

by ღ Purrple Kat ღ 3 days ago

The girl who pulled out in front of the car behind her doesn't deserve to drive. Like, I understand her intentions were good but someone in the car could've been dying, in labor, trying to get to a meeting. She could've messed up that person's entire day and didn't care about the other driver's perspective.

by Alee Lynn 2 days ago

Greg Eating Hooman Finger: Sticks Hole Finger In Mouth

Me: Chokes On My Own Finger (゚Д゚*)ノ

by Tiffany Kimbrell 2 days ago

why are all the comments about greg? 😂

by annmarie 1 week ago

Frickin Greg one like one life person who doesn’t get eaten by Greg

by Grayson Owens 2 days ago

UPDATE: Greg the frog never gave up, Greg never quit, in the end he swallowed her whole. Greg now never has to eat again.

by J Threefingers 3 days ago



by Doglady6831 2 days ago

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