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Tom MacDonald -"Coronavirus"

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I am a truck driver for Western Express. This morning my company asked us drivers if we wanted to go home for our safety. After 2 hours when they got done asking every driver not a single driver said no. We feel the pressure and we know what will happen if we stop. So your shelves may be empty for now but some where on the roads is a truck driver with those products and they are head to your store. We will never stop, we will never quit, and we will never give up on the people of the United States of America.

by Rez Dutch Angel Dragon 1 week ago

YouTube: we are demonetizing videos that say “coronavirus”
You: literally puts it in the title
YouTube: let’s make this trending tho

by 7Mega Mix 2 days ago

Funny how we idolize sports players and celebs but in truth without those truck drivers,doctors,nurses, grocer store employees, warehouse employees who are all still working keeping this world going right now we let them slide under the radar.....we’ll I’m here to say thank you to anyone else there on the frontline making the world still run....you are my hero’s and I can speak for a lot of us we under appreciate you guys and y’all only reason this can still work thank you!!!!

by donth8myhustle 3 days ago

We had months to prepare. Airlines were allowed to pack infected people in with everyone else and fly them all around the world. People were allowed to go on cruises, even well after the princess cruise ship disaster. The people working in grocery stores are still not being given any protective gear. People have to be begged and forced into social distancing. You can blame the virus or preppers, but it's the stupid people in denial who caused this to spread so fast.

by Anunnaki Menagerie 21 hours ago

Tom told y'all they was gonna give him a disease without a cure

by Benjamin Yates 3 days ago

I'm a truck driver, and I'm trying like hell to help keep this country moving. I can safely say most of us in the industry feel the weight of that responsibility now more than ever.

Don't stress. Don't empty shelves. We got you. So long as I'm able to drive, this truck isn't stopping for shit. And I know I'm not alone in this sentiment.

by XxSynphulGryphxX 1 week ago

"Youd rather tell them go to hell than be a man and go help" damn. Thats straight up facts

by chase b 3 days ago

Just put your heart and soul into Jesus Christ.. you'll survive this craziness. God bless all of you!

by Ryan Hupp 1 day ago

"2020 finna be a movie!"
Home Alone.

by gvxng 2 days ago

Man I'm in the national gaurd and was asked to live an help at the testing sites for however long I said yea but was pretty nervous afterwards I've never listened to this man's music but it definitely helps me reassure myself that I'm doin the right thing helping

by Allen V 3 days ago

I saw the title and I was like “he didn’t” but he did

by Rilez Alrimecar 1 week ago

God bless the truckdrivers, your work doesn't go unappreciated.

by Josh Fowler 2 days ago

Just remember this virus has a purpose in the world, it’s cleaning it! In Italy the water went clear and fish came.
And the pollution is getting better not worse

by Luke TDG 2 days ago

Hope everyone stays safe and healthy. From: Indiana

by Grace Woody 3 days ago

"If the doctors get sick the hospital don't work" that's deep and sum real shit

by Clifford Price 3 days ago

The situation here in Italy is terribile, our hospitals at the north can't take It much longer , the doctors are now deciding out of desperation to give breathing machines only to the younger patients because there aren't enough for everybody.
Bergamo Is in deep shit , and i live in Ponteranica , a small Town about 3 km from Bergamo , we are in a really difficult situation . We are on full lockdown, the only way you can go out Is by walking your dog, or with a permit to go shopping.
Luckily we still have plenty of food in our supermarkets , but our Town Is deserted .
The only "good " thing Is that not many people are dying , and the people who die are mostly old.
These people are the worst cases of the virus, but in most cases It can be a normal illness or It can be asintomatic.
I Wish good luck to all of you

by Edo Barba 1 week ago

I work at a dairy plant and the orders are through the roof we are feeling the pressure but keeping going, people gotta eat!

by Trent Strickland 2 days ago

"It's either nothing.....or It's worse then what they're telling us"

by live life 2 days ago

This song literally made me break down and give me the chills but the facts are real. Hope this song takes u somewhere bro. Lets fight this war together. Love yall

by Yolanda Naber 2 days ago

The comments of people on this video, prove the virus needs to spread.

by J P 1 day ago

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