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BEST Magic Show in the world - Genius Rubik's Cube Magician America's Got Talent

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If you pay close attention to his hands... you will still realize I have no idea how he does it.

by V 1 year ago

Simon’s wife: i bet he is thinking about another woman
Simon: how did he do that ?

by ISMAIL 3 weeks ago

At If you notice her lips. You can read her lips.
"Its Blue"

by dirt racer 3 weeks ago

If you put it to 0.25 speed you will see...
The same thing but slower

by codey chang 9 months ago

reveals the trick. Camera catches that as he puts the cube down, 1 side is still mixed up and the front facing sides are uniform

by Bondo McJefferson 4 days ago

"every judge has helped me out except for Howie"
You can actually hear a tiny "sorry" from Howie lmao

by C14 MEJIA 3 weeks ago

Ladies and gentlemen he's a fricken wizard

by Isaac Debono 3 days ago

Is no one going to comment on Simon's reply?

"What do you picture when you imagine a rubik's cube?"



Thought that was funny xddd

by mikeybhoy28 6 days ago

Well my father is a magician too..

He disappeared when I was 4

by cipher 0 3 months ago

Brad Pitt? Those weren't even rubic's cubes.

by Dave Counts 2 months ago

He doesnt deserve to win, his tricks are easily seen.

by Finnlake Andrews 4 hours ago

Anyone notice the guy behind Simon figure out how he does it

by Xander Willingham 1 month ago

Rule number 1: Hogwarts students are not supposed to use magic in front of muggles.

by SungJin Yoon 1 year ago

Simon always looks like he just walked in on a surprise birthday party

by Oliver Eye 2 months ago

Even if someone would explain it, it would take ages to even get close to performing it

by Extreme Bolt 3 weeks ago

Who still watching this magic show 2020 Four years later

by Sharif Istiila 3 months ago

There is actually a person of  small stature inside the cube moving the sides to order

by peter williams 2 months ago

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