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JACKBOYS & Travis Scott feat. Young Thug - OUT WEST (Official Music Video)

TravisScottVEVO photo 1 JACKBOYS & Travis Scott feat.... TravisScottVEVO photo 2 JACKBOYS & Travis Scott feat.... TravisScottVEVO photo 3 JACKBOYS & Travis Scott feat.... TravisScottVEVO photo 4 JACKBOYS & Travis Scott feat....

Are we gonna bypass the fact that there’s more than 5 people at this social gathering?

by MANNY 1 week ago

Wwe: “don’t try this at home”
Me and my brother:

by Golden Shard 2 days ago

When 21 finds the person that Young Metro doesn’t trust

by Spicington 5 days ago

Travis: we having a party at 7.

Corona virus:I’ll be there at 6.

by COMIC BUSTERS I 2 days ago

Everyone during quarantine: “please stay at home!”
Travis: “Yeah! We a have a party at 7”

by Bogdan Malyk 1 week ago

Quincy Jones really just pulled up to make a sandwich

by FanaticalKev 4 days ago

pop smoke was supposed to be in this video :((((

by Rujan Andrei 6 days ago

I can just see all the white girls watching this and doing their little TIK TOK dances

by Bryan Altamirano 4 days ago

Government: Quarantine yourself people.

Travis: we having a party at 7.

Covid-19: This party finna be lit.

by Carib-bwoy 4 days ago

No one:

Not even Corona:

Travis: playing PS4 with an off controler

by Yoe Mama 1 week ago

Fun Fact: Travis Scott and Young Thug are Immune to the Coronavirus

by Jay Tvk 5 days ago

Me trying to get the last drop of pee out

by Adithya Menon 4 days ago

So we just gonna ignore the fact that he took a plate and left

by Jaylen Pin 3 days ago

: when they did not wear no shoes in the house, roddy ricch felt that.

by Miko 1 week ago

are y’all really ignoring the fact that that’s mfkin Quincy Jones in the video

by Claudio Souza 1 day ago

rip that guy, sir savage the 21st literally murdered that dude

by I snort table salt 5 days ago

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