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Trippie Redd - YELL OH ft. Young Thug

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Official Video for “YELL OH ft. Young Thug" by Trippie Redd
Listen to A Love Letter To You 4 - OUT NOW: https://trippieredd.lnk.to/allty4
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Music video by Trippie Redd performing YELL OH. © 2020 TenThousand Projects, LLC

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TrippieReddVEVO photo 1 Trippie Redd - YELL OH... TrippieReddVEVO photo 2 Trippie Redd - YELL OH... TrippieReddVEVO photo 3 Trippie Redd - YELL OH... TrippieReddVEVO photo 4 Trippie Redd - YELL OH...

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by Demetrius Dorty 1 month ago

“Damn son, where’d ya find this” those were the real mixtape days.

by Cruz PT 3 weeks ago

This video deserves some type of award. They left nothing untouched

by T R 3 weeks ago

Nothing says Young Thug like a turtle neck.

by Summerof08' 3 weeks ago

This is a pretty accurate representation of the negative effects of drugs, too many pills and they’ll swallow you back when you least expect it...

by ontosomthn 3 weeks ago

adult swim at 3am:

by mxdnxght 4 weeks ago

For anybody who sees this comment, I hope you stay safe & Become successful.

by Robert Jones 3 weeks ago

This reminds of the episode when Spongebob went to Rock-Bottom and met all those weird ass characters with like one eye and shit.

by Zoran Ernjakovic 3 weeks ago

I died when the my mans was legit labeled opp

by lil ink 1 week ago

14 Years Later I’m Still Waiting For The OH Part

by ProdAndroid 16 3 weeks ago

This song make me wanna tell a deaf person that a blind person is looking at him

by Carter Fayo 1 month ago

Second to last person to like this will definitely be millionaire in 10 years

by LTE Surreal 2 weeks ago

This is what you get when you mix Trippie and Robot Chicken together

And nah homie they aint usin authentic views website

by Sarah Eubanks 2 weeks ago

not even gonna lie all car enthusiasts love the sound of that mercedes benz

by Naven Pillay 3 weeks ago

This video: slattdonalds

by Ethan 2 weeks ago

Damn props to Trippie for investing the money into having someone put this much effort into a video, and props to the artist William Child for making it! I’m sure Trippie loved this and I’m sure William loved making it for him, it’d be cool to see more of a mesh between peoples’ artistic mediums in the future!

by Simon M 1 month ago

lmao she posting on "snitcher" with a rat logo. 6ix9ine?

by suq madiq 3 weeks ago

Everyone watching will be a millionaire this year

by Mario Thamob 3 weeks ago

This song is so good my neighbors broke my window with a brick just to hear it better

by Tye 4 days ago

who else wants to see what happens after that 😂

by gnomo 2 weeks ago

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