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My Dog Pranks Me Into Getting What He Wants

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My Dog Pranks Me Into Getting What He Wants
Tucker has had enough of my pranks on him. This time he turns the table and pranks me until he gets what he wants....A WALK!!!
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The dislikes are the people who cried laughing and couldn’t see where the like button was.

by •Gabri_Kun• 3 months ago

This is how many times tucker said "WALK"

by Lost Arsh 3 months ago

my dog is literally next to me while im watching this like: Why cant we do fun stuff like that?

by Majestic CrayFish 2 months ago

Linda: Tucker later for a walk
Tucker: need walk now or punish

by lavanya gurung 3 months ago

Me: Sees hoomans pranking hoomans
Not impressed
Also Me: Sees Doggo pranking hoomans
Now that's a good boi!

by OwO 3 months ago

This literally happened I was watching this and this happened
Tucker: I love my harness

Ad : are you tired of harnesses

by Wendy Witt 3 months ago

Lesson learned

Don’t mess with Tucker when he wants a walk

by Literal Slowpoke! 3 months ago

People:he’s such a good boy. You: he’s a naughty boy

by GAMER GIRL 3 months ago

Nobody :
Not a single soul :
Tucker : wAlk

by Razor Raptor 2 months ago

i about died when he pulled Linda off the bed lmao

by Ashley Kirchner 3 months ago

Tucker’s the most adorable, most handsome, most hilarious golden retriever I’ve ever seen! Your very lucky Linda!

by Isabelle Payne 2 months ago

I’m glade that my dog just watches Netflix with me instead of trying to go on a walk 😊😊😊

by Scarlett P 2 months ago

Tucker is the smartest. I feel bad for Linda. But Tucker is really obedient so I guess he deserves as many walks he wants. ( no offense, Linda) But that's what I think

by Mikayla Shane 3 months ago

That moment was very funny when tucker pulled out Linda from bed

by Akshit Dhake 3 months ago

I think that’s the best sponsored video I’ve seen so far 😄

by Johanna 3 months ago

Why was this so funny tho? I was giggling like a schoolgirl

by datstud killacam 3 months ago

Some days
I wish I had a dog

I’m not so sure

by Cutey Baby 1 month ago

That moment when you realize you just sat & watched what was essentially a 4 minute ad. It's only passable cause it features a cute doggo like Tucker though.

by David Parkes 3 months ago

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