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I have a BIG announcement...

Thank you everyone for the incredible support! I LOVE YOU ALL! ❤️ (This video was filmed early February)
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Typical Gamer photo 1 I have a BIG announcement... Typical Gamer photo 2 I have a BIG announcement... Typical Gamer photo 3 I have a BIG announcement... Typical Gamer photo 4 I have a BIG announcement...

When I clicked on this video I was worried that this was a bad announcement, but I so happy to see that’s it’s not. I’ve been here since 500,000 subs and I’m glad to see you doing this for people

by Zach B 9 hours ago

I was legit scared when I saw the title. I thought he was gonna announce he had Coronavirus. I'm so glad that's not the case

by Big Glock Horizontal 9 hours ago

"WoooAah, Hol' it STEADY" 😂😂😂 carries same mentality theoughout life quests. part of the reason we 💘 u TG !

by jojo alexxaannddrroo 5 hours ago

This is so wholesome...Its crazy how far TG has come, I've been here since before tg hit 600,000 and been watching him for almost all my life now. Tg just know im waiting for the next stream

by Adrian West 12 hours ago

I was worried when you had an announcement, but turns out it was an wholesome thing that you did and it made me happy, been here for 4 years and I will be here forever no matter what, love you and keep up the good work..

by Phantom Jokr 7 hours ago

I’ve been watching typical gamer for almost 3 years now and it’s been good to watch him play different games

by Purtalx 12 hours ago

This, my friends, is a good man. U don’t get one of these so easily nowadays

by Hameed Olaosebikan 10 hours ago

tg, has changed my life. i always get positive vibes from him, he teaches me to have a better mindset, i can't imagine life without him

by Rise 11 hours ago

When he said that he was doing it exclusively on YouTube I almost cried

by Nicholas Bragdon 9 hours ago

You are one of the most genuine and real people on YouTube. I truly appreciate your streams and family friendly content.
Much love, from North Carolina!

by Beyond Limits Podcast 8 hours ago

Big announcement: TG is selling his soul to youtube

by Connor Clarke 10 hours ago

You make mine when my parents first Divorced

by Fishy B 14 hours ago

I still remember when he did gta mods video wow times have sure changed also congrats to that kid

by Mr. Jefue 12 hours ago

Finally Tg The Og 🤞🏻♥️

by ALPHAz B 7 hours ago

Damn tg had me crying like i was cutting onions, i was glad to be a part of this channel and see it grow from where it began, you deserve all of this tg keep being awesome.

by Mr. Lumbago 13 hours ago

To anyone who may need to hear this, jesus loves you.

by Gluvvy 9 hours ago

"I'm moving out of my mom's house."

by NOT YOU 1 hour ago

when i seen "i have an announcement"i thought he was quittin yt

by larf3o Gaming 12 hours ago

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