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Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #14

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Kan Danny hide from his boss alll day? Lets find out!
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by Derpy Potato2777 1 month ago

They should make a product called “the Poking Stick”

(Edit: I have made this a Petition)
(Edit2: wow! 800 likes!?!? They have to make this a product now)

by Kittleo Gaming & ASMR 1 month ago

Jamie: “Ugh times up and I didn’t find him”

Danny: So there’s this place called Mars...

by Person 001 1 month ago

Jamie: Doesn’t find Danny

Danny: So there’s this thing called staying home because of quarantine.

by SunnyYT 1 month ago

Jaime: looks in peoples cars

Police: ummm that’s illegal

by Brown Games 1 month ago

Episode 400

Jamie: sigh where is he?
Danny: so there’s this place called North Korea

Edit: omg 663 likes, my most liked comment. Thanks!

Edit#2: ... 920? Thx

by Musicube 1 month ago

"If he doesnt find me right away, I'm counting this as a win."

15 minute video

Me: Hmmmmmmm

by Magmalishus 1 month ago

"I fOuNd HiM!!"
"You forgot the ladder?!"

by Cherry Soda 1 month ago

April Fools Day:
Jamie Hides From Danny
Danny Looks For Jamie


by Go Away 1 month ago

I need an April fools episode where Jamie is the one hiding from Danny

by Elise Avery 1 month ago

next episode:

Jamie: why can't I find Danny?
Danny: so there is this thing called outer space

by Crocogator 1 month ago

Jamie: *picks up large knife*
“This can be a poking stick...oh Danny!”

by Tr. Da. 1 month ago

The “i FoUnD hIm” literally sounds like a chicken

by Gilroy _ 98 2 weeks ago

Episode 1000:
Jamie:i cant find him?
Danny:so theres a place called the moon

by cora kuczszel 3 weeks ago

Is it just me or at the beginning when Danny said “Jamie should find me really quick because it really easy spot” was it just me or did somebody else think it’s probably the cereal box!?

by Rafia Saleem 1 month ago

Episode 1M Earth blows up
Jaime: Oh!! It’s just a red herring!

by Athena Bozios 1 month ago

Jamie: Where is he!?

Danny: so there is this thing called a portal to the nether

by 𝙻𝚊𝚐 1 month ago

Danny on ep.1003 :
theres this thing called invisibility

by KameRon 1 month ago

When you realize they won’t make another one bc of quarantine :worried::disappointed_relieved:

by Coo6112 3 weeks ago

This series could be called “Jamie making himself look like an idiot”

by Matthew Banks 1 month ago

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