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Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #16

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Can Danny hide from his boss in this mysterious location? Jamie is in the dark on this one...
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Jon: scared
Jamie: Go To ThE NoiSE
Jon: yells
Jamie: laughing

by Jenna-Kate Sapp 7 hours ago

“Did you see that scream”

-Jamie, 2020

by Zaktorin 5 hours ago

Start: oh ok. its just a warning. how bad could it be?

Danny: Tonight--

Me: oh god

2 mins into the video. and sees sara

Yea, ima go
Goes back on for the heck of it*


by CreeperDuDE 89 6 hours ago

jamie is the EXACT type of person that would die in a horror movie, like, who GOES to the noise?

by Rachelle Espartero 6 hours ago

I want to look at comments to feel less scared, but I’m worried of someone spoiling it.

by Waxby 7 hours ago

Is it just me or would anyone try and I don’t know TRY TO TURN ON SOME LIGHTS

by Lizard Wizard 6 hours ago

It isn’t even Halloween and this scared the crap out of me.

by koen meier 3 hours ago

Jon: sees 20 dead bodies and someone killing someone
Jamie: Go towards it

by Julian Blasing 2 hours ago

Jamie: Go towards the light

Everyone else: leave bro

Them: Go in there!

by llama lover 6 hours ago

jamie: some of this content may be scary for younger veiwers

20 year old me: it wont be that bad im 20
(30 seconds in to the video) ok im out

by Lucy Eltoft 6 hours ago

Jon: *sees a cup full of doll heads*
Jon instead of being confused or concerned “ima dump em out”

by Laynie 6 hours ago

Jamie: ok the fans want to us play hidden in plain sight
Danny: No, let's play hidden in basement

by sanciisa video 7 hours ago

Me:sees warning
Me: “it’s not gonna be that bad”


by pug of games 3 hours ago

can we just respect Jon's acting?

I would legit not be able to stay serious seeing those dead ghost people...

mad respect Jon

by Kassi Nelson 2 hours ago

If Jamie was there he would of crapped his pants by now

by rob davis 6 hours ago

‘Pull yourself together john’ says Jamie who’s safe in a studio while jon is most likely shitting his pants

by BøB_Hi ¿? 7 hours ago

why did they call this “hidden in plain sight”- why didn’t they call it “the ring girl strikes back”

by Gabby Bradley 5 hours ago

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