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World's Worst Wedgie?

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We decided to put the Heroclip to the test in a unique way! Find out just how much weight it can hold!
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Turns out the Heroclip can hold a lot more weight than it promised. We rigged a whole system that gives members of the Vat19 crew an insane wedgie as soon as the Heroclip breaks. It’s not a question of who is getting a wedgie, it’s a question of when!
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Vat19 photo 1 World's Worst Wedgie? Vat19 photo 2 World's Worst Wedgie? Vat19 photo 3 World's Worst Wedgie? Vat19 photo 4 World's Worst Wedgie?

How many pounds do you think it would've taken to rip the underwear completely off?? See us beat up some other things here:

by Vat19 11 months ago

Wife: so what did you do at work today
Danny: I gave my coworkers wedgies

by David Aberant 4 months ago

This is starting to look like a scene from jigsaw

by Rafi Pazsa 4 months ago

“I’ve already farted twice guys”.


by Jett on wii fit 4 months ago

Nobody puts products to the test like Vat19, amirite

by Jon Stamm 11 months ago

Drew: Bad luck
Joey: Good luck
Jaime: “What should I do with my butt?!”

by Rocco Cioffi 1 month ago



by That One Cake Guy 3 months ago

We all know who really got the worst wedgie its baljeet, his underwear ripped

by Tripex Games 5 months ago

Who else felt bad for Drew like seriously this man is scared

by Richard Bravo 6 months ago

Jamie: The 10 Pounder

Drew: The 20 pounder

Joey: The 5 Pounder

by Jacket 1 month ago

Joey: your such a jerk

Karma (says): make him be the first one with hard wedgie

by Denion Jarazi 3 months ago

Idk why but i'm watching 3 guys bully themselves. This is entertaining

by Zuzu 11 months ago

“Don’t try this at home.”

Me: why on earth would I?

by Random Vids 4 days ago

Me when Jamie's thing broke: *outside heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh

by HappyDrawingstuff 4 months ago

Jamie: what's ten more pounds when you're at 350? It's like 3%
One of the hero clips: OFFENDED

by Emma and Leone 4 months ago

Drew’s hook makes a noice

Ad: “Let me sort you out.”

Me: “So did it drop?”

by PB&J 5 months ago

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