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Hermitcraft VII 894 Deals, Raids & Squids!

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Lucky episode Thirteen! I die about as many times in this one of course...
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xisumavoid photo 1 Hermitcraft VII 894 Deals, Raids... xisumavoid photo 2 Hermitcraft VII 894 Deals, Raids... xisumavoid photo 3 Hermitcraft VII 894 Deals, Raids... xisumavoid photo 4 Hermitcraft VII 894 Deals, Raids...

Keralis: “you give me head yea?”
Xisuma: laughs awkwardly

by Unknown Person 2 days ago

Grian: *shoots himself with a bow to get points*
X: How about I help Keralis and I get 1/4 of the diamonds
Keralis: lol sure *fires bow*

by FNAF and Undertale can be friends 2 days ago

X: This season I wanna be more connected with nature
Also X: Gets rid of local river in order to send squids to die in hell

by Henrique Carballo Aranha 1 day ago

“so you’ll give me head?
(chuckle) “don’t say it like that...”


by Max H 2 days ago

Me: wow these sure are crazy times
Other: you mean with corona?
Me: what? No, xisuma's thumbnails

by Maarten Keus 2 days ago

Xisuma: “they wont suffocate, thats not the word right”

everyone: Xismua suffocate IS the word used

by 131Leonardo 01 2 days ago

Keralis: innocently wanting more hermit heads "you give me head??"
Xisuma: stifling laughter "don't say it like that!"
Keralis: "your head, I mean."
Xisuma: probably very concerned "yeahhh okay."
Ok so clearly there is a miscommunication. This is not the first time Keralis has done this either lol. This happened another time with VintageBeef, where I think Keralis said something like, "he is going to give me head! or, his head."

Oh, Keralis.

by Victoria Iacabucci 1 day ago

"No Takesie Backsies" : How to negotiate a business deal

by Casey Ninnes 1 day ago

“Not just any old ice, specifically, regular ice”

by TX PETE 2 days ago

“So you’ll give me head?” “Well don’t say it like that”

by Anonymous Misnomer 2 days ago

X, you should make a sponge shop called "Absorbent Prices"

by GreatGatherer 2 days ago

Keralis: So you get 1/5th of the diamonds

Xisuma: No I said 1/4th

Keralis: Oh ok so 1/10th

I Love This Duo


by High Priest Wololo 1 day ago

don’t let this distract you from the fact that keralis said: “you give me head*

by dAn 2 days ago

Meanwhile: Impulse creates Witherrosefarm to get ink.
* confused bee noises *

by Zhonyashater 1 day ago

Xisuma: "I have a morning voice right now"
Me: You sound no different..

by Infe 2 days ago

Etho : Builds an ice shop
Every hermit: goes farming ice

by Jäger 25 2 days ago

that's a very high percentage of subscribed people relative to just about everyone else on youtube

by Zoomer Man 2 days ago

Lol at keralis letting the bees escape. He’s a great member of the hermits.

by sunny_disposition 2 days ago

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