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Prepositions in Turkish- "Like" and "AS" " gibi ve olarak" in Turkish

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This tutorial deals with teaching prepositions of " like" and "as " in Turkish with simple and practical examples along with English.
Hope it helps Turkish learners with my best...
Hi Everybody. I am teaching here Turkish Lessons Online for free. If you have any questions in Turkish learning, please feel free contact me. thanks for watching.

#prepositions in turkish #like and as in turkish

Yasin Durak photo 1 Prepositions in Turkish-  Yasin Durak photo 2 Prepositions in Turkish-  Yasin Durak photo 3 Prepositions in Turkish-  Yasin Durak photo 4 Prepositions in Turkish-

Thank you, I learn a lot from your videos, one day I'll be typing msg here in Turkish ☺️

by Fareeha Ansar 11 months ago

Sorry, I mean "very
good teaching".

by R. M. Lam 1 year ago

Very good thanks, although personally don't see the necessity in reading syllabuses or letter by letter.

by itasco 6 months ago

Çok teşekkürler hocam
♡♡♡♡♡ ♡ ♡

by Video Gezegeni 1 year ago

Very teaching, thank you Sir.

by R. M. Lam 1 year ago

Maşaallah , faydalı bir ders , teşekkur ettim, suriyelim .

by memo 4 months ago

Dear teacher I am greating you.

by xamdi xurmo 11 months ago

sir i m from pakistan my name is ayesha and i learn a lot of turkish from your vedios your teaching so good plz learn me more turkish esly i love turkish language so much tessuker edrime

by princess amina 1 week ago

In "bu-nun gibi, şu-nun gibi, sen-in gibi," what is the endings, "nun, in"? Are they possesive endings? If we use it like bu gibi, şu gibi, sen gibi, is it wrong? Thanks!

by Amo kaj paco(爱与和平) 1 year ago

Cok tesekkürler videolari icin. Ben bir soru var. Ihtiyacim ve lazim nasil ayriliyorlar aciklabillir misin?

by Sinan Ince 1 year ago

Brother iam a grammer circuit because iam not understand the grammer of Turkish I want to understand the grammer oh turkish plz brother thnkz

by somali smile channel 6 months ago

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