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Study Music, Concentration, Focus, Meditation, Memory, Work Music, Relaxing Music, Study, ✿2766C - Are you looking for studying music, focus music or background music to help with concentration, learning, homework and to improve your memory? Yellow Brick Cinema’s study music videos provide instrumental music to improve concentration and brain power. Would you like to try music to study? Our relaxing music for study, with its embedded binaural beats, will support your study sessions, helping you focus your brain power. Indeed, this concentration music will keep your attention fully on your work and bring out your inner genius. Our work music can also be used as reading music, allowing you to block out distractions and achieve stress relief. Our classical music and piano music have been composed as study music, work music and music for memory improvement, so that external distractions are minimised and stress relief is obtained. Use our meditation music for meditation or to start each study or homework session and experience how this relaxing music helps calm your mind with alpha waves. Research shows that use of alpha waves and meditation music helps unleash your learning potential, releasing your genius, helping memory, improving mindfulness and assisting to improve intelligence and brain power. This music for positive energy is also effective calming music and stress release music. It is often used in yoga as yoga music to help you focus.
In Spanish, our “musica para trabajar” or “trabajar” is also very popular and often used as background music and music for studying. Students use this relaxing music to do homework and find it boosts positive energy. It is also used as music for memory. Our calm music for studying is used worldwide as focus music and stress relief music so why not try our music to study more effectively and make the most of your intelligence.
Yellow Brick Cinema’s instrumental music for studying is ideal music to listen to as ambient work music or as reading music when relaxing with a good book and needing positive energy. So, experience the benefits of our study music and then create your own studying music playlist of work music that you find most helpful.
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Yellow Brick Cinema’s music for studying is focus music composed to boost your brain. This instrumental music will help you establish good study habits. If you listen to our classical music or piano music for studying purposes, you will block out external distractions, thus increasing your concentration capacity. Our study music or brain music has been embedded with binaural beats to help your focus more easily. With our music for studying playing as background music, you will find yourself studying more effectively..
Yellow Brick Cinema’s study music is particularly helpful to improve concentration. Studying requires you to work with prolonged concentration and so our music to study and concentrate helps shift your attention away from what’s going on around you so you can focus on your work. Our concentration music is instrumental music that helps stop your mind from wandering, thus increasing the impact of your study sessions. The effect of our studying music on increasing attention span, leads people to refer to our focus music as brain music or intelligence music.
Yellow Brick Cinema’s studying music can be used as meditation music to help bring focus to your mind. One of the most effective ways to boost concentration is to start a study session with a short meditation practice. Our classical music and piano music is ideal instrumental music to calm the mind in this way. Use our instrumental music for studying as you build your inner brain power through regular mindfulness practice..
Visit the Yellow Brick Cinema homepage to find out more about our selection of Relaxing Music. Our popular Study Music provides music that will help you focus, concentrate calmly and reduce anxiety. Our Meditation Music has a variety of genres including Zen and Tibetan and includes binaural beats to help with mindfulness and calming of thoughts.
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by Yellow Brick Cinema - Relaxing Music 3 weeks ago

if you are reading this I want you to know , you are the perfect you . perfect in every way . you do not have to be anything other than who you are .
good night from Los Angeles

by Enderyam 6 months ago

I cant focus when I am studying because i am always thinking in my problems. This Music helps me to focus a bit more. Thank you

by Javier Pérez 3 years ago


by toni m 3 years ago

is this downloadable or can I get the whole track on cd like the one I'm talking boutique with native songs an back ground music birds chirping water rushing on shore

by DarkWolf Nite 3 years ago

I did my homework way too fast is this magic :)

by Salome K 3 years ago

thank u so much I got my book report done in an hour and I have adhd so I can't focus well but the music helped a lot ty p.s congrats on 1 million

by Haleigh H 2 years ago

This has helped me so much I get so off track but when I listen to this I get consintraded and on task

by bradley Ferguson 1 year ago

I love all Meditation music ,Thanks.

by S.Rungnap 3 years ago

My mom got so proud of me that she bought pizza! Im hearing this everyday xD

by natali boll 2 years ago

Yellow Brick Cinema is proud to be the world leader for relaxing music on YouTube. Thank you for your support! We value your feedback by liking and commenting on our music videos so that we can constantly improve your experience. ☺️

by Yellow Brick Cinema - Relaxing Music 3 years ago

this helps me a lot going through my PhD.....

by srirohanasr 7 months ago

Well well, that worked. I usually can't work for more than 20 mins these days and this allowed me to work for a full hour and i made huge progress in my book ! thanks :)

by Sakuems 2 years ago

Thank youuuuu!!!! I've been so stressed about my science project thats due really soon but this music really helped me focus on it and finish!

by Maddie K 3 years ago

This helped me concentrate; however, I kept wanting to break out singing, “I can feel it coming in the air tonight. . .” After three hours, the big drum part never came in.

by Good Comment Man 1 year ago

Thank you so much! I love a lot of your study music 🎶 . I am studying for my end of grade tests and this really helped me focus! Also congrats on the iTunes album. 👍🏽

by shyla_ k12 2 years ago

Thank you so much when I listen to other music that claims to help “focus” it does the opposite and distracts me Amazing sound.🤙🏼

by SAM ANTHA 2 years ago

Who could hate this Music, this really helped me while I was in College

by Anthony Farandatos 3 months ago

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