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Mahoutsukai no Yome - Funny moments

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For anyone confused about why Silky kicked Chise and Ruth out of the house, let me explain.

Silky is later found out to be a Banshee turned into a Brownie by the audience.

A Brownie is a British Isles Faerie that unlike most Fae of Celtic lore, they are actually harmless. Brownies take care of housework and chores within the homes they inhabit, staying with the home for several generations to come as well. So long as proper rewards are given, they'll continue their work. However it should be noted that they are very easy to offend. Do not criticize their work and try not to anger them. Doing so will offend them greatly and they'll undo all they've done.

Silky is a different case due to creative liberties with the mythology of Fae in the series, but she is still very much offended by Chise questioning her food. However instead of undoing the work around the house she simply kicks Chise and Ruth out instead.

There's a mythology lesson for ya there. Hope it helps.

by Unseelie FaeLass 1 year ago

Stella: "When's your birthday, Chise?"
Chise: "Hum... Today."
Stella: "Today?! What, then where's your party? Hey, why aren't you holding a birthday party for her?!"
Silky: ("I am such a failure...") >dead<

by MrDibara 9 months ago

Its funny how all husbands in this anime is more childish than their wives😂 like shanon husband..or fairy king😂

by Ann Moshi 1 year ago

"I'm pretty sure I've eaten humans before."
"I bet I'm tasty. Don't eat me."
-_- "I'm not going to eat you."
^_^ "Okay, good."

by Spencer Sonnefeld 2 months ago

That "GEBO" was such an unexpected sound from him at the moment. It was great!

by Knight of Oath 1 year ago

This already is the proof that they're literally husband and wife😂

by Eltoni Inks 5 months ago

ok that was incredibly adorable.

by DkXboxer 9 months ago

still laughs so hard whenever I see this scene XDDDD

by Konpeito 2 years ago

Silky's expression be like "I-I-....Im a failure" or "What have I done..." XD

by Apple Jelly 1 year ago

When Silky just knows she's Chise's favourite because she hjasn't done anything wrong...

by Peter Parker 1 year ago

someone should make the best moments with silky from the series

by CM94 Returns 2 years ago

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