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Customizing 100 Nintendo Switch & Switch Lites, Then Giving Them Away!! ๐Ÿ“ฑ๐ŸŽฎ (Giveaway)

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Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge Nintendo Switch giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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ZHC photo 1 Customizing 100 Nintendo Switch &... ZHC photo 2 Customizing 100 Nintendo Switch &... ZHC photo 3 Customizing 100 Nintendo Switch &... ZHC photo 4 Customizing 100 Nintendo Switch &...

Winners will be announced starting May 23rd not March :)) Hope you enjoy the video and stay safe! Subscribe with notifications on to stay updated :))
Make sure to enter the huge Nintendo Switch giveaway!

First 3 comments win custom ipads items too!
Froggy Skates
Gianni Lanese

by ZHC 1 day ago

literally nobody:
ZHC: making tons of people happy during this awful time

by Elizabeth Birman 26 minutes ago

Why: moving off to college and canโ€™t afford one.

by Vincent Wong 1 hour ago

Why: I'm unemployed and can't find a job, I'm struggling to pay rent so a switch isn't even considerable. sometimes I'll be sitting in my apartment watching the clouds because there's nothing to pass time with, your videos are great because it inspires me to do art (which takes my mind off financial stress and boredom) thanks...

by Witherspy 27 minutes ago

Why: all my friends are playing animal crossing, and I'd LOVE to play Zelda, and really need to transfer a Pokemon for the Meltan candy

by Philip J. Fry 1 hour ago

โ€œAnyโ€ โ€œNorth Americanโ€ why: because I really want to play Mario and pokemon

by U see me every where 1 hour ago

Why: Because I'm broke and I really want to play animal crossing because all I have is the mobile app ._.

by Watcha Matcha 1 hour ago

Why:Because i would like a birthday present for my cousin but i don't have enough money.

by Its Maria 1 hour ago

Why: "My wife has one and wants me to play Animal Crossing with her."

by Axhens Mara 1 hour ago

Why: because here in the philipines nintendo switches are so expensive and we are broke because of COVID-19๐Ÿ˜ข and I always watch your videos because I cannot do anything and I always like your videos and I already subscribe and your a great artist thats why I alway like your videos I wish I could have a nintendo switch I always want a nintendo since I was still a little kid.๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

by MARK ELI BRAร‘A 16 minutes ago

Why:because....i really want it....
Can you give me one?

by hijas miliy 1 hour ago

Why: Ive never won a giveaway and if ive ever wanted to win one, this would be it :).

by Crimson DE4TH 1 hour ago

Why:because i want it so much
And i want to play with family

by Cantika FIONA 44 minutes ago

โ€œAnyโ€ โ€œUSAโ€ why: my while family wants to get one to share, but we canโ€™t afford it

by GamingWithCoco 45 minutes ago

"United States"
Why: Because I'm bored in the house bored in the house bored. :( lol

by Pau Bernardo 1 hour ago

Why: because I don't have a switch and I really want to play animal crossing. Also, I want to give my sister her first gaming experience

by Sritsod Cyrus 1 hour ago

โ€œLos Angeles CAโ€
Why: because I never played animal crossing and I heard lots of good news about it before it even came out.

by Boiwitdarocket xx 1 hour ago

Why: Iโ€™ve been trying to get one for over a month but theyโ€™re all sold out around me.

by Beccah Mcbride 54 minutes ago

Reason: I sadly canโ€™t afford to buy electronic products and I really want to give a present to my brother that he will enjoy because I love him.

by Gia Mae 36 minutes ago

Why: so my little brother can play with all of his friends on Nintendo Switch

by Taylor Stone 1 hour ago

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